May 31, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Howling Wolf

Eclipse Quilt:  Howling Wolf

All our attempts at subterfuge had been in vain. ...
... Would I ever learn the outcome of the other fight?  Find out who the winners and losers were?  Would I live long enough for that?
...Somewhere, far, far away in the cold forest, a wolf howled.
(Eclipse, Preface)

Block Details:


I like the way the Stephenie Meyer uses prefaces in her books.  You are on the edge of every page from the very beginning of her books and Eclipse is no exception.  I thought the preface deserved its own block.

The block was paper pieced using the Linda Hibbert/Silver Linings Originals Gray Wolf pattern.  I pieced only one of the silhouetted wolves in a russet batik.  I had to get creative with the pattern since I only used one of the two wolves.  I don't think you can even tell that there was supposed to be a second wolf.

The sky fabric is a batik  It reminded me of the snow that was supposed to have fallen the day before.

May 30, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Imprinting

Eclipse Quilt:  Imprinting

... Don't judge him just yet.  Did anyone ever tell you ... Have you ever heard of imprinting?
Imprinting? I repeated the unfamilar word.  No.  What's that mean?

It's one of those bizarre things we have to deal with.  It doesn't happen to everyone.  In fact, it's the rare exception, not the rule.  Sam had heard all the stories by then, the stories we all used to think were legends.  He's heard of imprinting, but never dreamed ...

...What way? Love at first sight? I snickered.

Jacob wasn't smiling.  His dark eyes wer critical of my reaction.  It's a little more powerful than that.  More absolute. ...

(Eclipse, pp 122-123)

Block Details:


I searched high and low for a block that would work for Imprinting.  I lucked out when I remembered the Piece by Number Twisted Spiral Heart pattern I had purchased awhile ago.  (Beth's patterns are awesome!  Be sure to check out her Etsy store....)

The Twisted Spiral Heart works well for Imprinting.  Destinies intertwined and all that.  The strongest of loves as the wolves and their soul mates actually become bound to one another.

As if using paw print fabric as one of the twists of the heart wasn't enough, I added my own little touch to the block with the appliqued paw print.  I used the Susan Brittingham's Upside Down Applique technique to help me keep my satin stitching even.  I used a flannel fabric for the pads.  It's so soft and I can't help but want to touch it!

Eclipse Quilt: Graduation

Eclipse Quilt:  Graduation

... School was winding down, and, for the senior class especially, there was a perceptible thrill in the air.

Freedom was so close it was touchable, taste-able.  Signs of it were everywhere. ...
(Eclipse, p. 35)
If Charlie only knew:

... Bella, this is a big deal.  You're graduating from high school.  It's the real world for you now.  College.  Living on your own....  You're not my little girl anymore.  Charlie choked up a bit at the end.  (Eclipse, p. 352)
Bella graduates:
... Congratulations, Miss Swan, he [Mr. Greene] mumbled to me, pressing the diploma into my good hand.

Thanks, I murmured.

And that was it.

... Yellow hats rained down.  I pulled mine off, too late, and just let it fall to the ground.

... I can't believe it's all over, I mumbled. (Eclipse, p. 355)

Block Details:


The graduation cap and diploma block were paper pieced using a pattern from The Foundation Piecer Spring 2001 pattern journal.

I used two coordinating yellow fabrics for the cap.  The background fabric is a blue and silver batik that I received in a trade from Iris Fox when I was a member of the other quilting coven.

Yellow and blue were a must based upon the description in Eclipse, the pictures from the Eclipse set of the graduates, and the Forks High School colors.

(**Just Jared)

The button on the cap was handmade using a Dritz button fabric-covering kit. I handmade the tassel with embroidery floss.

May 27, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Hunter and Prey

Eclipse Quilt:  Hunter and Prey

Look at that, Jacob interrupted me, pointing to an eagle in the act of plummeting down toward the ocean from an incredible height. It checked itself at the last minute, only its talons breaking the surface of the waves, just for an instant. Then it flapped away, its wings straining against the load of the huge fish it had snagged. 

You see it everywhere, Jacob said, his voice suddenly distant. Nature taking its course -- hunter and prey, the endless cycle of life and death. .... (Eclipse, p. 109)

Block Details:


The pattern that was used for this block was Pine Needles/McKenna Ryan On Upward Wing pattern from the At Home in the Woods BOM.  The pattern was copied at 70% for use in the 7" block.

I used Steam a Seam Lite for the fusible.  I purposely used all batik fabric since the eagle was to be attached to the background fabric with raw edge applique.  I chose to use coordinating threads and not monofilament thread.  I added more thread feathers to the one section than the pattern called for.

May 26, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Penguins. Lovely

Eclipse Quilt:  Penguins. Lovely

We've been monitoring the situation for weeks. All the signs are there--the unlikely disappearances, always in the night, the poorly disposed-of corpses, the lack of other evidence.... Yes, someone brand-new....

...It won't be the same for me, I whispered, half to myself. You won't let me be like that. We'll live in Antartica.

Edward snorted, breaking the tension. Penguins. Lovely. (Eclipse, p. 26)
Block Details:


One of the issues Bella has to work out for herself in Eclipse, is her fear of what being a Newborn vampire will be like.  She is committed to becoming a vampire, but she has realistic reservations about the challenges she will face at first.  Eclipse is full of humorous situations and coversations.  I've always enjoyed Edward's quippy retorts and the penguins comment is an excellent example.

Pattern: Silver Linings Originals Ice Animals, paper pieced

May 25, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Fire and Ice

Eclipse Quilt:  Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice

Robert Frost

Block Details:


I've seen some other block ideas for Fire and Ice, but I was always unimpressed.  They were too abstract.

I chose this paper pieced pattern because of the snowflake/ice crystal would be perfect for Ice.  I knew the pattern would allow for a lot of interesting fabric choices for Fire.  I have to thank my husband for challenging me to use the flame fabric despite my reservations.  The snowflake pattern is from The Foundation Piecer Spring 2001 pattern journal. 

The glittery blue fabric was a last minute decision.  I initially had a darker blue Fairy Frost fabric pulled and auditioned it all day after calling out to friends for their opinions, but I changed my mind after making one more run through my fabric collection.  (I had purchased the fabric for another quilt, but it didn't get used.)

The block will be the first block of the first row of the Eclipse (Charity) Quilt.

I think it will be impactful!

May 24, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Trip to Jacksonville

Eclipse Charity Quilt: Trip to Jacksonville

Edward manipulates Bella into a fight with Charlie in order to get her to get out of town after one of Alice's visions.  He spirits her away to visit her mom in Jacksonville, Florida, using the airplane tickets that Esme and Carlisle gave her as a present for her ill-fated 18th birthday.

On the plane trip back home Bella thinks back to a moment during the visit.  Bella and Renee escape for a walk and drift into a mother daughter conversation....

...This morning we'd gone for a walk along the beach....

Renee and I ambled along the sidewalk, trying to stay in the range of the infrequent palm tree shadows.....

There's something .... strange about the way you two are together, she murmured, her forehead creasing her troubled eyes.  The way he watches you -- it's so ... protective.  Like he's about to throw himself in front of a bullet to save you or something. ... (Eclipse, pp 66-67)

Block details:


The free Paper Panache airplane pattern was combined with a pattern from Linda Causee's 24 Tropical Quilt Blocks.  (I previously purchased this book with Breaking Dawn quilt blocks in mind.)

"Visit Jacksonville" was hand embroidered in the upper right corner for a postcard effect and added personal touch.

I especially liked the green fabric I used for the palm fronds and the pieced striped water.

May 23, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Wuthering Heights

Eclipse Quilt:  Wuthering Heights

I cleared the table quickly while Edward organized an intimidating stack of forms.  When I moved Wuthering Heights to the counter, Edward raised one eyebrow.  I knew what he was thinking, but Charlie interrupted before Edward could comment. (Eclipse, p. 19)

...and another reference:

What are you reading? I muttered, not really awake at all.

Wuthering Heights, he said.
I frowned sleepily. I thought you didn't like that book. 
You left it out, he mumured, his soft voice lulling me toward unconsciousness.  Besides...the more time I spend with you, the more human emotions seem comprehensible to me.  I'm discovering that I can sympathize with Heathcliff in ways I didn't think possible. (Eclipse, p. 265)

Wuthering Heights Quilt Block, p.1
As I was about to head down for breakfast, I noticed my battered copy of Wuthering Heights lying open on the floor where Edward had dropped it in the night, holding his place the way the damaged binding always held mine. ... (Eclipse, p. 266)
Wuthering Heights Quilt Block, p. 2

Wuthering Heights Quilt Block, p. 3

I just wanted to find this one part I see how she said it...  I flipped through the book, finding the page I wanted easily.  The corner was dog-eared from the many times I'd stopped here.  Cathy's a monster, but there were few things she got right, I muttered. ...  I know exactly what she means.  And I know who I can't live without. ...

... A small smile lit his perfect face, though worry still lined his forehead.  Heathcliff had his moments, too, he said.  He didn't need the book to get it word perfect.  He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, I cannot live without my life!  I cannot live without my soul! (Eclipse pp 610-611)

Block Details:


Wuthering Heights is almost like another character in Eclipse so we wanted to note its importance with its own block.

Text from Wuthering Heights has been processed onto printable photo fabric to make three separate pages.  The last page is attached to the base of the block.  The first two pages can be turned.  The block was pieced using a paper pieced pattern drafted in EQ5.

The book cover rose was pieced using a paper pieced pattern drafted in EQ5.  The book title and the pharse "Love Never Dies" were machined embroidered.  The book cover opens as you can see in the photos above.  This book cover was used as inspiration:

May 22, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Jacob's Note

Eclipse Quilt:  Jacob's Note

I ran my fingers across the page, feeling the dents where he had pressed the pen to the paper so hard that it had nearly broken through.... ....Don't give yourself a brain hemorrhage, Jacob, I would have told him.  Just spit it out. (Eclipse, p. 4)

I shoved the wrinkled paper into my back pocket and ran.... (Eclipse, p.5)

Block Details:


Levi's jeans and flannel shirt with red cotton fabric for "undershirt".

Wood grain fabric used on left side of block.  (Charlie's kitchen in Twilight is described as having yellow cabinets and dark wood panelling.)

Jacob's note was copied from the book, edited to be on one page, and then printed on Printed Treasures photo fabric.  I pinked the edges and crumpled up the note a little before folding it an slipping it into Bella's pocket.  The note can be taken out of the pocket.

I would like it to acknowledge that the idea for this block did in fact evolve out of a group discussion.  The block, although not made by me first in this form, was created from an idea my persona suggested--to use a real jean pocket in which to place Jacob's note and a real red flannel shirt for the shirt.  I must also say that the idea would not have been had it not been for Stephenie Meyer's brilliant writing.  The block idea can only be directly credited to Stephenie Meyer because its directly inspired by Eclipse.

Please note that we operate under this philospy:

All block ideas must be directly credited to the creative genius that is Stephenie Meyer.  I cannot in good faith take credit for any quilt block as an original idea because without the Twilight series they would not be and we would not be.  I only have the benefit of making our quilts based upon her writing.

May 21, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: I am Switzerland

Eclipse Quilt:  I am Switzerland

....I frowned suspiciously. this something else altogether?  Some vampires-and werewolves-are always-enemies nonsense?  Is this just a testosterone-fueled--

His eyes blazed.  This is only about you .  All I care is that you're safe.

The black fire in his eyes was impossible to doubt.

Okay, I sighed.  I believe that.  But I want you to know something--when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I'm out.  I am a neutral country.  I am Switzerland.  I refuse to affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.  Jacob is family.  You...well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that.  The love of my existence.  I don't care who's a werewolf, and who's a vampire.  If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too.

He stared at me silently through narrowed eyes.

Switzerland, I repeated again for emphasis.
(Bella and Edward, Eclipse pp 143-144)

Block Details:


Swiss flag was pieced using a paper pieced pattern drafted in EQ6 .

The Jacob wolf and Edward were adapted from these images:

Steam a Seam Lite was used as the fusible for this block.  Edward and the wolf Jacob were sewed to the block with a straight-stitch-raw-edge-applique-method using coordinating threads.

May 19, 2010

Shannon: Twilight Quilter

I'm an avid quilter and Twilight fan.  My story isn't really that different. I read the books, became immediately enthralled, and started looking for people who were fans. I've taken a couple of trips as a fan, read the books more times than I can count, and continue to scour the 'Net daily for news. I'm happy to share more of my personal Twilight story with anyone who wants to know.

My life is pretty busy. I'm a married mom with four children. I work outside the home. I make time to quilt whenever I can because you HAVE to make time to do what you love.

I've quilted for over ten years. My favorite construction method is paper piecing even for traditional blocks. I collect quilt fabric, magazines, and books.

The whole time I was reading Twilight I was also thinking about how I would quilt it. Design has never been my thing because of a lack of confidence so I occasionally searched the 'Net for Twilight + Quilting and eventually came across a couple of Twilight quilt projects that I tried.

I belonged to the group that made the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer which was successfully gifted to her this year. I'm very proud to say that the award winning quilt was designed based upon many of my suggestions and that I made six of the quilt blocks including the center square depicting the Twilight book cover. I'm sad to say that my participation ended with that group in the Fall of 2009 after a serious disagreement.

My blocks: Twilight Hands (center square--modified without permission by Elizabeth Mills), Emmett/Rose Grizzly Bear, Alice/Jasper Crystal Ball, Lion/Lamb, Edward/Bella Wedding Dance, and Edward/Bella's Cottage.

I could never give up on quilting Twilight, though, so here I am.