June 26, 2010

Breaking Dawn Quilt: Announcement

Breaking Dawn to hit theaters November 18, 2011!

This certainly isn't news to those following the Twilight world as closely as I do here at the Coven.  It is not my plan to post Twilight-related news here on a regular basis.  There are too many other sites that keep all of us Twi-hards in the know.  The only time I will probably post any news is if it's quilt-related.

Will two movies mean two Breaking Dawn Quilts?  I haven't decided....

One might think that it's too early to even start thinking about a quilt, but Idon't think so.  I will take advantage of the time to design, make the blocks, assemble the quilt, and place it with a quilter for its custom quilting treatment.  I will also make the best use of the time to properly plan for all give-to-win opportunities.

I'm always open to quilting with friends.  If you don't don't want to commit to membership, but would like to participate in any way please don't hesitate to contact me.


I will continue to update this blog with Breaking Dawn Quilt news and opportunities.

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  1. You will surely have to have a block with feathers on it!:)


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