June 19, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Bella Escapes with Jacob

Eclipse Quilt:  Bella Escapes with Jacob

When the bell rang, I got up without much enthusiasm. Mike was there at the door, holding it open for me.

Edward hiking this weekend? he asked sociably as we walked out into the light rain.


You want to do something tonight?

How could he still sound hopeful?

Can't.  I've got a slumber party, I grumbled.  He gave me a strange look as he processed my mood.

Who are you--

Mike's question was cut short as a loud, growling roar erupted from behind us in the parking lot.  Everyone on the sidewalk turned to look, staring in disbelief as the noisy black motorcycle screeched to a stop on the edge of the concrete, the engine still snarling.

Jacob waved to me urgently.

Run, Bella! he yelled over the engine's roar. ...

...Jacob revved his engine, grinning.  I jumped on the back of his seat, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist.

I caught sight of Alice, frozen at the edge of the cafeteria, her eyes sparkling with fury, her lip curled back over her teeth.

...I hid my face in his back as he sped down the highway.  I knew he would slow down when we hit the Quileute border. ...

We made it, he shouted.  Not bad for a prison break, eh?

(Eclipse, pp 169-170)

Block Details


I wanted to depict this part of Eclipse in a quilt block, but honestly, I didn't think I was up for all the detail that would be required if I made the motorcycle, Bella, and Jacob in fabric.  (Been there, done that......without the people and it was tough enough!)

I suggested silhouettes before and a couple of people actually used the idea, as if I never was the one to suggest it, so I thought I might as well use my own idea for this block when I came across a quilt pattern at one of my favorite local quilt shops.  The pattern used is Quilts and Stitches Sporting to the Rally.  The pattern makes a 25x27" wall hanging, but I only focused on the motorcycle and riders--difficult enough!  I used a black batik fused on the background fabric and then sewed very close to the edges with black thread.

I particularly like the background fabric I used.  It's a batik that has trees printed on it.  I hope you can tell.

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