June 7, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: College Choices

Eclipse Quilt:  College Choices

Speaking of college applications, Edward, Charlie said.....  Bella and I were just talking about next year.  Have you decided where you're going to school?

... Syracuse...Harvard...Dartmouth...and I just got accepted to the University of Alaska Southeast today.  Edward turned his face slightly to the side so that he could wink at me.  I stifled a giggle. ...

... I pointed to the thick envelope on the counter.  I just got my acceptance to the University of Alaska!

Congratulations!  He grinned.  What a coincidence.
(Eclipse, pp 19-20)
... As I bent my head back at my work, I noticed for the first time the name of the school.
I snorted and shoved the papers aside.
Be serious, Edward.  Dartmouth?
(Eclipse, p. 22)

Block Details:


I love Charlie moments in the Twilight series.  Any interplay between Bella and her dad is a rare treat.  Charlie's dislike of Edward is palpable, but comical.  There are many reasons for it, of course, but at its root must be that no one will ever be good enough for his little girl.

I eventually abandoned the pennant idea that I had to depict Bella's college choices once I decided that I didn't need to combine Penguins. Lovely  with this block.  I also thought it would do well to remove some of the confusion people seem to have by why they would be combined.  I always seem to come back to a literal translation with my blocks, too.

I did get some help with this block and it's evolution.  When I expressed my angst over this block and the pennants, my son Z suggested a mailbox with letters, including the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) envelope.  I think my husband also had some input by suggesting that I make a fabric envelope with an actual acceptance letter that could be placed inside and removed.  (Family and friends seem to like the interactive quilt blocks.) 

I first tried to find an existing pattern to save me some time.  Paper Panache has a pattern (Postcards from the Edge/Martha Bickford) that helped get me going.  I envisioned a stack of mail with the UAS envelope on the very top of some others.  I took that pattern and played around with it in EQ6.

The finished block is the third version of this block because of some errors early on and my desire to perfect it with technique, fabric choices, and accents.  I started the block as a paper pieced block, added more applique in block #2, and then entirely pieced block #3 with some applique accents.

And, yes, the envelope actually opens and an acceptance letter will be placed inside.

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