June 23, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Fight Training/"Instruction"

Eclipse Quilt:  Fight Training

... Later tonight? Jacob pushed.

Yes, Jasper answered him.  We were already planning a...strategic meeting.  If you're going to fight with us, you'll need some instruction.

The wolves all made a disgruntled face at the last part.

No! I moaned.

This will be odd, Jasper said thoughtfully.  I never considered working together.  This has to be a first. ...

(Eclipse, p. 381)

It took me a minute, because it was too dark with the moon hidden behind the clouds, but I realized that we were in the baseball clearing.  ...

(Eclipse, p. 387)

... Prepare yourselves--they've been holding out on us. ...

... There were ten of them. ...

... My son Jasper--he gestured where Jasper stood, tensed and ready--has experience in this area.  He will teach us how they fight, how they are to be defeated.  I'm sure you can apply this to your own hunting style. ...

(Eclipse, pp 391-392)

Fighting with vampires instead of against them! Jacob mirrored Edward's tone of disgust.

Well, you still get to fight against some of them, Edward said.

Jacob smiled.  That's the reason we're here.

(Eclipse, p. 409)

Block Details:


I turned to the Internet once again for design ideas.  I knew the design elements I needed for the block based upon the descriptions and events in Eclipse:  the Cullens, Bella, wolves, a field, etc.  I also called upon the baseball scene in Twilight, the movie:  an open field in the forest.  Silhouettes were in order again.

I found this image and really wanted to use it, but I ended up going a different direction....but not before I had the block almost finished.  (The silhouettes were found online, too, but I must apologize since I can't find the link.)

I sewed the sky and field fabric to divide the block in half first, but then I decided this lacked dimension so I added the mountain and a rounded shape of the grass fabric to cover this seam and add depth and interest.  The wolf was made of a mottled brown brown and it turned out pretty cool, but it just didn't look right the way it was positioned into the sky and with the silhouettes.  My trees didn't look right, either, and the Cullens looked like an afterthought. It goes to show that sometimes and original idea needs to be changed for one reason or another. This late decision complicated things, though.

 I had to add fabric in a crazy fashion to rebuild the sky and the grassy area after cutting the wolf off at an angle.  I actually the sky looks better as pieced sections.  I added the trees in the foreground, positioned the silhouettes, and added the lone wolf--simply not enought room for ten wolves.

I used all batiks except for the dark green trees because of the raw-edge applique.  I added just a little more detail to a couple of the trees.  The only thing I kept from my original idea was the moon and clouds.

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