June 14, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Punched a Werewolf in the Face, Lately?

Eclipse Quilt:  Punch a Werewolf in the Face Lately?

... Until your heart stops beating, Bella, he said.  I'll be here--fighting.  Don't forget you have options.

I don't want options, I disagreed, trying to yank my chin free unsuccessfully.  And my heartbeats are numbered Jacob.  The time is almost gone.

His eyes narrowed.  All the more reason to fight--fight harder now, while I can, he whispered.

He still had my chin--his fingers holding too tight, till it hurt--and I saw the resolve form abruptly in his eyes.

N-- I started to object, but it was too late.

His lips crushed mine, stopping my protest.  He kissed me angrily, roughly, his other hand gripping tight around the back of my neck, making escape impossible. ....

...  Finally he let go of my face and leaned away.

Are you done now?  I asked in an expressionless voice.

Yes, he sighed.  He started to smile, closing his eyes.

I pulled my arm back and let it snap forward, punching him in the mouth with as much power as I could force out of my body.

There was a crunching sound.

Ow!  Ow!  I screamed, frantically hopping up and down in agony while I clutched my hand to my chest.  It was broken, I could feel it. ...
(Eclipse, pp 330-331)

... Emmett watched curiously as Edward helped me carefully out of the car.  His eyes zeroed in on the hand I cradled against my chest.

Emmett grinned.  Fall down again, Bella?

I glared at him fiercely.  No, Emmett.  I punched a werewolf in the face. ... (Eclipse, p. 342)

Block Details:


I tried to bring some levity to this part of Eclipse with the cartoonish style of this block, because almost everyone's behavior annoys the hell out of me.  I understand that Jacob is fighting for Bella, but to force himself on her in this way is inexcusable and shows his immaturity at the very least.  I'm more annoyed, though, by Charlie's reaction when it first happens. (Eclipse, pp 336-339)  Jacob does apologize.  Charlies redeems himself, too.  (Eclipse, pp 362-363)

I always thought to myself that Bella would need a weighted boxing glove if she ever thought to punch Jacob again while she was still human.  There is also the fight reference that Jacob makes to add to the theme.  I couldn't help but picture Bella going another round with Jacob in a boxing ring.

I readily admit that I can't draw anything so when I'm looking for inspiration and images I usually use Google to search for clipart images if I can't find an existing quilt pattern online to purchase or anything of use in Electric Quilt.  I decided on these cartoon boxing gloves.  I used the upside down applique method again with satin stitching.  I purposefully picked bright colored fabrics to add to the block's cartoonishness.

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