July 15, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: World's Largest Horseshoe Crab

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

If I had to guess on the number of visitors I've had on the blog since Eclipse opened in theaters searching for Bella's T-Shirt Quilt or some derivative of that search, like people looking for the actual quilt or the shirts used, I would estimate we've had at least 300 hits from all over the world.  I've even had people comment to promote their businesses and to direct traffic to their sites, offering T-Shirt quiltmaking services.

There seems to be a lack of information about the actual movie quilt itself.  I have half a mind to contact Summit Entertainment directly and ask for info.  I wonder how far I'd get?  I'm a fan on Melissa Rosenberg's FB site and have posted a plea for more info from her with no response....  Was the quilt her idea?

I was surprised to receive an email from Jim Rankin who represents World's Largest Horseshoe Crab in Blanchester, Ohio.  We've been corresponding with each other by email the past couple of days.  If I understand his information correctly, two quilts were made for the movie.  Four shirts crab shirts were used in two quilts.  He has been inundated with requests for shirts and any information that he has about the quilt itself, including the other shirts used.  He doesn't have any more info and only has a partial photo of the area that includes the crab shirt.

Here is a link to a news story about the crab shirt being included in the quilt in Eclipse.

A photo of the tourist attraction:

The good news is that the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab shirts are available for purchase.  The shirts are $15/each.  Profits from the sale of the shirts are applied to the costs of maintaining the grounds around the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab site.  Please contact Jim at crosspointmedia@hotmail.com to order your shirt today!

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