August 6, 2010

The Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer: Stephenie talks about her quilt!!!!!

Stephenie Meyer chose to do a very different type of publicity junket for Eclipse, the movie.  She hosted a mini-junket with a few fansites on June 18, 2010.  She put all the names of the U.S. based Twilight fansites in a hat and drew out four winners.  Each winning site had the golden opportunity to send two representatives for their meeting with Stephenie which included lunch and a period to just hang out and ask questions!

I mention this today of all days because while visiting Twilight Lexicon today, I saw their Fanjunket Friday post.  The post gave a small excerpt from one of Twifans' blog entries about the event.  If I read correctly, the question I was most interested in came from a Letters to Twilight representative: What kind of Twilight merchandise does Stephenie have?

LTT:  So what have you been given where you’re, like, “Oh! Okay…that’s interesting…”

SM: What’s the weirdest thing I’ve been given? I been given some really amazing stuff, because someone gave me a quilt that…….I mean, I don’t have words. It’s amazing. Each square was made by someone different. And they depict scenes from different scenes from the book. And it’s lovely. ...
Here is the audio (It's at the very beginning....): (LTT & Twifans) ask Stephenie Meyer TwiMerch & TwiRoom by twifans

She mentions THE QUILT!!!!!

I don't have words........

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  1. Hey, your quilt is becoming famous - and apparently appreciated! Good for you and your group!!!


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