September 30, 2010

Twilight Book Cover Quilt Block: I Wish I had More

I had hoped to be finished with the block by now, but I keep getting pulled away to do other things.  Oh, and let's not mention the mistakes.....  I had two sections of the second side pieced, but I sewed the wrong fabric in one area of the second section and so I had to discard it.  Moral:  don't sew when you're tired--which I knew already, but keep ignoring.  Since I have to remake that part, I'm going to make it in multiple sections as I found another piecing order issue.  I expect I'll find more for this reason:  in paper piecing, the pattern has to be reversed for sewing in order to get the block to be as pictured when finished.  I didn't consider that when I was numbering the sections.

Maybe I can distract you with this breaking news story about the Denali Coven from Summit?

As mentioned, I'm not totally sold on my fabric choices.  I've been searching for alternatives.  The Cotton Club has a set of complexion fabrics that I've been thinking about ordering to try for this project and any others that would require skin fabrics.  I'm not going to, though, until I finish this block.  Who knows?!  This block may be a huge disappointment....  I keep telling myself that there is always an applique version to try.

I've also been surfing to get inspired for more Eclipse Quilt blocks.  I'm in awe of an artist, kara-lija, and would like to convert one of her Jasper works into a block for Jasper's Story.

September 29, 2010

Twilight Book Cover Block: This is a Test....

Slightly worried....  The block is half pieced.  I already suspect that I need to work on my fabric choices and fabric placement in some areas.  (I'm not sold on the dark gray I'm using for shadows.  I'm wondering if I need to revert to the sparkly white fabric and creams that were used in Stephenie's quilt instead of the shades I'm using in trying to get the hands to look more human.)  The block is sewing up really well so far, though, with points matching up fairly well.  I've only found the one error in the drawing that doesn't make sense for the sewing order in the paper piecing method.  The next half will be more challenging in the area with the fingers.  (I expected that I would have to make this block more than once--I made the Twilight Hands block a couple of times for Stephenie's quilt and a couple more times since.)

Don't hold back.... One of the only things I miss about belonging to a group is the constructive feedback I received AND welcomed in my desire to improve my work.

The block I made from the available pattern:

September 28, 2010

The Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer: Lion and the Lamb

Forgive me while I pass the time between anything new to report and some previous work that I've not featured in detail until now.

It would be hard not to miss the shameless touting of my role in making the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer.  In addition to other duties and experiences associated with the quilt, I made six blocks. (I'm 99.9% sure that my Twilight Hands/Twilight Book Cover block was altered by Elizabeth Mills--I have the photographic evidence to prove it--but I'll still claim that block as mine.)  One of my favorite blocks in the quilt is the Lion and the Lamb block.

I find it hard to believe that the Lion and the Lamb block almost didn't make it into the quilt!

The block wasn't a part of the original plan and I made it without permission hoping that the group would be wowed enough and to think it was too Twilight important to leave out.  Love or hate the line in the book and/or the movie, it's one of those lines that takes on a life of its own and will probably be a quote that will always be identified with the story.  I had to do battle to get it in and I'll leave it at that....  I will say:  this block is a perfect example of the power struggle that typically results in a group project.  I'm glad I fought for this block, but I know that my insistence and machinations affected some people's opinions of me.  (To learn more about our design process and the generation of the Twilight Quilters Coven please visit Twilight Moms Forums thread A Quilt for Stephenie Meyer.) 

I used a Silver Linings Originals pattern, Roaring Lion, paired with a Four Twin Sisters free lamb pattern for the appliqued lamb to make the block.  The lion pattern makes a 10x16" block so I did reduce the pattern before piecing the 5" block, but I can't remember how much.  The placement of the lamb was questioned at the time by Elizabeth who thought it should be moved 1/4" to the left.  I let the group in on the secret after her suggestion--the lamb was placed where it was to cover an error I made in piecing the lion.  (I am far from perfect......)

I will make the block again in a larger size and with the lamb better positioned.  I won't have to get permission either!

September 25, 2010

Twilight Quilted Vest: Comic Con 2008

I just spent the afternoon unsuccessfully trying to get the Twilight Book Cover pattern into my old EQ5 software.  I've not had any luck with EQ7 because I haven't worked with it enough and so I thought I would try EQ5 since I've had moderate success with paper piecing patterns in this version.  I've given up in frustration--I won't bore anyone with the details.  I decided to focus on something positive by telling another one of my crazier Twilight stories.  It even features a quilted project .....  (I'm really just stalling sewing the block and I'm sure I'm not fooling anyone.)

If you think I'm Twilight Crazy now, you should have seen me in 2008.  I read the books after hearing about the movie and I became obsessed with both.  One of the many things that I did that year as a fan was go to Comic Con 2008.  Taking the trip was quite the drama, as most things are in my life, mainly because my husband wasn't thrilled that I wanted to go and I'm a nervous traveler in the best of circumstances and this trip was far from the best.

I didn't want to attend the Con alone so I found some Arizona ladies from Twilight Moms that were attending and tagged along with them.  (I didn't want to attend by myself and I needed to share the hotel expense.)  Because I didn't know until the last minute if I was going to be able to go, I ended up using one of those name your own price online travel sites to get a reasonably priced plane ticket.  It was one of the dumbest things I've done in my life and that is saying a lot because I've had more than a few fine moments.  I ended up with a crazy schedule where I flew into San Diego in the morning the day before the Twilight cast was to be featured.  The Arizona ladies weren't scheduled to arrive until early evening.  They were only staying the day and were scheduled to fly out the next night after seeing the Twilight panel and seeing as much as time permitted of the Con before their flight.  I, on the otherhand, didn't have a flight out the morning after and didn't have a place to stay that night....

I was an absolute dork in another way, too!  I got it into my head that I was going to attend Comic Con outfitted.  I couldn't simply buy a T-shirt....I had to make something.  My decision might not have been so silly if I had made it a couple of days before the trip, but I stayed up the whole night before my flight making a Twilight quilted vest instead of getting a good night's sleep arriving in San Diego already having been up for 24 hours straight.  I spent the day sewing the binding on by hand while waiting for the gals from Arizona, walking around San Diego near Comic Con, and snoozing at Starbucks.



I look at it now and chuckle.  It's one of those projects with a good idea behind it, but it certainly looks like a project I made in the middle of the night.  Don't get me wrong, the vest was well constructed....  However, I could have a much better job in placing the pictures and fabric together if I hadn't been so rushed and tired.  This is how I made the vest in case anyone is interested.

I started with an example like this one that I found online:

My idea was to print my Twilight movie photos onto photo fabric, use them to make crazy quilt blocks, and then sew them together to make the "fabric" for my vest.  I purchased a Simplicity vest pattern.  I printed my pictures.  I made my blocks.  Things got crazy after that.  The pictures ended up looking oddly placed at the very least.

If I were ever to make another vest, I would do it this way:
  • Cut a fabric "foundation" vest parts in muslin from the vest pattern in the right size.  (The Twilight vest was a size too big because I miscalculated.)
  • Layer this foundation with the thinnest batting available.
  • I would still print my pictures on photo fabric.
  • I would use the Quilt as You Go method.
  • The photos and fabric would be placed onto the muslin foundation picture by picture and fabric strip by fabric strip in a pleasing arrangement.
  • The vest front pieces and back section would be sewn together as instructed.  I would then layer this finished piece with the vest lining and free motion quilt to attach these layers, hiding the seams.
  • I would bind with bias binding.
If anyone remembers the craziness that was Comic Con 2008 and the stir that the Twilight cast and fans caused, I can attest to it all!  I won't go into all the details, but I can tell you it was as CRAZY and as contentious as you might have heard or witnessed first hand.  My group made it in the Hall to see the Twilight cast.  I ended up not staying the extra night in San Diego.  I caught a shuttle to the airport immediately after the Twilight presentation and used my emergency $100 to fly home with help from a sympathetic Frontier ticketing agent who took pity on me, allowing me to buy a Buddy Ticket.

This is very early in the morning the day of Comic Con.  We got up at 3 a.m. to get in line to get our Con Day Passes.  I think we used our $300/night hotel room for about three hours of sleep.  After getting our passes, we raced to the other line to wait for hours and hours and hours more to see this.....

What happened to the vest you may ask?  Did you notice that the one of the photos has the old December release date?  I sold the vest on Ebay when I got back from my trip.   I made $90.00 and put the money toward my Breaking Dawn Concert trip.....

September 24, 2010

Twilight Quilters Coven: News and Notes

Please don't get too excited....  I feel the need to write this post if for no reason other than to keep myself motivated.  I've been distinctly busy with family life and work at the expense of my quilting.  When I write about quilting here or on my personal blog, I at least feel like I'm keeping the faith that one day I will actually get back to sewing.  It's a rare day that I don't think about something to do with quilting even if I'm not physically doing it.

Seven people have entered the T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway so chances of winning are good for those that entered, especially for those that have multiple entries.  The deadline to enter is October 11, 2010.

I finished drafting the Twilight Book Cover pattern this week.  My plan is to sew this Sunday.  I'm SO nervous....  My success is important for a number of reasons selfish reasons, but mainly because I want to be able to do more.  If all goes well, I will try the New Moon tulip.  (I also need to be successful so that I can make some promised quilts...see below.)

I have pushed the Twilight Mystery Quilt out until February 2010.  I have drawn the blocks and layout, but I wasn't able to sew a sample and test the directions so I decided to delay its release.  I couldn't in good conscience release it on unsuspecting quilters yet.

I'm excited because I may have a guest designer for an Eclipse Quilt block.  I have always had an open invitation to anyone that wanted to design a block for the quilt, but this is the first time I have had anyone seriously consider the offer.  I'm quite sad that the project has faltered lately in my hands.  (I did order iron on crystals today for Bella's Engagement Ring block so I'm one step closer to making that block at least.)  I have every intention of finishing the quilt by December.  The big question after it's finished will be what will I do with it?!  Hint....I never keep anything I make.

I have also every intention of making Elizabeth's Twilight Quilt and Sarah's, too.  The good news is that I have a plan!  I struggle constantly with some mental health issues and can only apologize profusely for all the delays.  One might ask why I commit to such projects if I have such difficulties?  I would be even more of a nervous wreck if I didn't quilt.  Quilting is a way that I combat many of my insecurites and challenges.  I know I've said a million times, but I do appreciate the patience I am afforded by so many wonderful people.

That's all for today!

September 23, 2010

Twilight Book Cover Patterns: Next Step.... Fabric

Ready for testing..... 

I am undecided as to whether or not I will use muslin as I did when I tested Bella's Birthday Cake pattern or just use fabrics that I would use if making the block to use in a quilt. I really don't think I will have issues with pieceability and I need to experiment with fabrics to work on getting the correct shading of the hand and apple so actual fabric would probably be better. The pattern sections make sense and I don't think I will have to make any adjustments. The final version above hasn't been numbered, but I did number the previous version in which I worked out the final sectioning. (I used my Paper Piecing Jedi Mind Tricks mentally sewing the pieces and sections.)

A few notes and things to consider:
  • The picture I used is from the Twilight "white" special edition book cover.
  • The picture was cropped, leaving only a small border of space around the hands.
  • I printed the picture to be full-size on 8.5"x11" paper.  It was important to me to keep aspect ratio and not make the pattern fit into a SQUARE block.
  • I ended up not editing the photo in any way for color.
  • I was able to keep almost all of the details of the hand and the apple, like the finger nails, since I used a picture and didn't make the pattern from scratch.
  • I do expect that the block will be challenging to piece and it may need to be tweaked.
I am very relieved and somewhat proud of myself that I stuck with this block.  However, I'm kind of holding my breath as to if it will turn out in fabric like I hope.  If not, at least I won't be back at square one.

I learned a lot and I'm praying that my next attempt with the New Moon tulip will be easier since I understand sectioning a little better and am not afraid to include small sections in order to keep detail.  Everything I had researched and read did NOT prepare me for how difficult this would be nor teach me how to accomplish it the "right" way.

I would never begin to suggest anything I do is the best way or a tutorial!  I do feel comfortable sharing my experiences, though.....

Someone said that sectioning was "instinctive" and I don't know how much I agree with that.....  I found through trial and error that the best thing to do was to find the first place to divide the block where a line could be drawn from top to bottom or side to side and then continued sectioning from there.  Also, don't be afraid of smaller sections if you want to maintain detail.....yes, the block will probably have to finish as a larger block if you want detail.  If I didn't care about detail and wanted to have a smaller block then I could have used the one already available.

I haven't given up getting this pattern into EQ7, but I really only need to do that if I'm going to share it.  I can cross that bridge if anyone asks.

There are some that will probably say after all this, "Why didn't you just do an applique version?"  (I actually will be addressing this very soon!  I saw the coolest art quilt with quilted words and I am very, very eager to try to incorporate the idea into my Twilight quilting world.)

I'm not relishing picking out the fabric.  It will be a challenge.  But, hey, why else would it be anything different than making this pattern?!

September 20, 2010

Twilight Book Cover Pattern: Pressing On

I thought I would give an update on my work on the Twilight Book Cover Pattern and perhaps infuse some motivation for trying to finish it sooner rather than later. I'm very close to finishing it and maybe even testing it with actual fabric this week!

This drawing is very rough.....  I gave up trying to be neat after awhile.

My next decision will be whether or not I decide to import it into EQ7 to trace it.  I could then print the pattern as a paper piecing pattern.  (This probably will seem like a backwards way of doing things, but for me it's easier at this stage of knowledge to work with pencil and paper first.)  It could also then be converted to a .pdf and saved on a media share site for others.

(Bella's) T-shirt Quilt Giveaway: Corrected

I made an error for the links for the Red Cross and the Four Mile Canyon Fire.  Oops!  Sorry!!  I had them crossed up....  (I could have sworn that I tested them, too!  ugh)

The original post has been fixed.

A donation can be made to the Red Cross here.  Please remember that you may choose to donate to any chapter and that a donation is NOT required to enter the Giveaway.  I have only specified that you may choose to donate in order to receive additional entries, improving your chances of winning.  The minimum online donation as designated by the Red Cross is $10.


P.S.  If there is a season for forest fires in the Western United States, I guess we are in it.  I just heard of another fire this morning on the news in the Salt Lake City area of Utah (Twitchell Canyon Fire).

September 18, 2010

(Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway: Thank You!

A shout out to Viv and Jennifer for their recent entires into the Giveaway.  Thank you for making my day!

Making the quilt was a lot of fun....  The caterpillar binding was tough, but I'm glad I tried it.

I can't wait to give this quilt away!!

You may find it strange, but I give away most of the quilts I make.  I rarely make a quilt without a person or purpose in mind.  It's many a quilter's lot in life to give away their quilts.

This is exactly the way I feel:

Quilts are more than simply fabric and thread and something pretty to look at. When you give the gift of a quilt you've made, you are giving someone the month or the winter or the year it took of your time to create. You have thought of the colors they would like, you have taken the time to cut and piece and quilt the gift, and then, you have found the courage to give so much of yourself away.     (All About Romance)

September 16, 2010

(Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway: In the Running

I wanted to give a shout out to those that have entered the (Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway so far:


Now, you may not want the word to get out to increase your chances of winning but what would be the fun and drama in that?.....

If you so desire to help me get the word out, you will be rewarded!

More soon.......

September 13, 2010

Twilight Book Cover Pattern: A Challenge in Itself

Shannon's Twilight Hands

Maybe I should just use my hands and stop trying to do a pattern?  (I took this photo last November and lifted it from my other blog as a copy.  I'm sorry it's so grainy.)  I could print them or a photo of the book cover onto fabric and be done with it?!  I hate to give up on something that's why!!  My other option is to try an applique version, and I still might, but I'm stubbornly hanging onto the idea that I can make paper piecing patterns.

I can't tell you how many times I have tried to draft this pattern:  on EQ (5, 6, AND 7), from a 8.5x11" sized drawing, and by blowing it up to almost poster-size.  Size doesn't really matter....  It all ends up coming down to getting the sectioning right and I've not been able to do it.  I'm so close, though.

I've searched the 'Net high and low for information, instructions, and tutorials without much luck.  The reason I even thought I could do it was because of all the wonderful paper piecing patterns out there that are more than simple figures without much detail like so many of the available Twilight paper piecing patterns by another designer.  Silver Linings Originals patterns are amazing patterns and I'm impressed by their detail AND pieceability.  I also have Cynthia England's Picture Piecing book to use as a reference and inspiration.

I had somewhat of a breakthrough over the weekend.  I had begun to think that I was going about things the wrong way....  I had thought that maybe I was failing because I was trying to trace the picture and that to be successful I was going to have to draw the hands and make the pattern that way despite what I had read in the Picture Piecing book.  I happened to be browsing my Favorites on my home PC and linked to a Harry Potter pattern site.  Voila!  My confidence was restored....  Connie's in the same boat I am:  not an artist, but in love with the subject too much to give in.  She, too, searches for images and then through trial and error makes her amazing patterns.  Check it out!

So, I tried again!

I've got some work to do.  I still have to group the sections together.  The pattern may be too detailed--it certainly is at this scale and would be impossible to piece the finger sections.  I'm going to enlarge it and see what I think because any quilt that I make isn't going to require a 5" block or dictate that I make too small of a block, sacrificing detail.

Happy Birthday Bella! (Design Wall Monday)

Today is Bella's birthday...September 13th.  I made her a cake in fabric!

I modified a Linda Causee cake pattern from the book 365 Foundation Quilt Blocks to make the cake three tiers high.  It's not quite finished.  I had always intended to embellish in the spirit of the movie cake in New Moon.

The movie cake colors weren't right to me so I made my cake with pink and cream fabrics instead.  I did like the flowers, though.  I may add candles or maybe I'll add "Bella" on the top of the cake like the movie cake.

Thank you for visiting!  Don't forget the (Bella) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway....

September 11, 2010

(Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway

Win this quilt!

Quilt Statistics:

60x72"ish in size

Machine pieced by Shannon

Professionally quilted by Creative Stitches

Cotton batting

30 T-shirts were used to make this quilt using shirts purchased new, from Goodwill, and donation.  One of shirts is a Forks shirt and another is a Switzerland shirt.

The quilt is machine washable.

Estimated quilt value including time, materials, and quilting treatment is over $200.

I made this quilt as a learning experience and to show my appreciation that a quilt was included in the storyline of Twilight Saga Eclipse.  It is NOT a replica of the movie quilt.  This blog nor the quilts are in anyway associated with Stephenie Meyer, Summit Entertainment, or Eclipse.

Giveaway Details:

1) Contest runs from 9/11-10/11.  (Winner will be chosen in a random drawing and documented by video.)

2) Everyone is eligible for a 1st entry.

3) Additional entries may be obtained by making a $10 donation (this is their minimum) to the Red Cross and telling me that you did....  (On your honor as I will not be verifying.)

***I have chosen the Red Cross because I trust in the Red Cross and their efforts in disaster relief around the world.  The past week has seen Coloradans in need of help because of the Four Mile Canyon Fire in Boulder, CO.

***You may choose do donate to any chapter and not just to the Colorado Chapter.

This blog nor the giveaway are in any way associated with the Red Cross nor is it a solicitation on the organization's behalf or request.

4) Email all of your information and questions to:

***Name required at mimimum to enter.  The winner will be asked to provide mailing information.  Simply tell me by email that you want to be entered in the Giveaway and how many entries you should have.  (x1 for 1st entry, x2 for donation, x3 for donation, etc.)

Please help spread the word!  Twilight and non-Twilight fans are welcome to enter!!

September 6, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: It's Finished!!!!

A couple of months ago I began making a T-Shirt quilt like Bella's in Eclipse, the movie.  I had never made a T-Shirt quilt before so I had a lot to learn.  I documented my progress as I made the quilt.  All posts are referenced in the Sidebar.

The Twilight Quilters Coven Bella's T-Shirt Quilt

Please note:  I have been calling this Bella's T-Shirt Quilt.  The quilt is not a replica of the movie quilt.  It is only a loose interpretation.  My version has none of the shirts mentioned in the movie.  (A future project will be to find out as much information as I can about the quilt perhaps by writing a fan letter to Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg or the Property Buyer Laurie Dobbie c/o Summit.)

Renee gives Bella a T-shirt quilt in Eclipse, the movie

Edward and Bella in her bed with her T-shirt quilt between them.

Making the quilt was a lot of fun!  I learned a lot from which interfacing to use to stabilize the shirts to learning how to make a new type of binding called caterpillar binding.

caterpillar binding

The plan was to make this quilt and do a Giveaway to raise some money for a charity.  I'd still like to do that.  Perhaps a the Giveaway could be coordinated with the release of Eclipse on DVD?

September 5, 2010

Bella's T-shirt Quilt: Ready for Binding

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

The T-shirt quilt has been trimmed of its excess batting and backing fabric as seen in the picture above.  I prepared the binding yesterday, too.  I'm almost finished with this quilt!

The quilter basted the edges of the quilt before quilting it, but it still saw some shrinkage and distortion.  I squared the corners and used my 24" ruler to trim all of the sides.  I left the basting stitches in to keep the edges stabilized through the binding step.

There was only one area where I feared I might have to go back and trim more as shown above.  I decided at this time to not trim more of the quilt away because my seam allowance should be enough at 3/8" to compensate for the area that shifted during quilting.

Peparing the binding was not without incident.  I am using the wonderful tutorial at Flourishing Palms.  Twelve years of quilting and I have never made bias binding because I have never made a quilt that has called for it.  The caterpillar binding requires bias binding.  I found cutting the binding on the bias difficult even with the great pictures and instructions showing and telling me what to do.  I cut enough 4.5" strips and joined them end to end.  I also didn't read the instructions for one of the steps, trying to complete it from memory, and ended up having to redo some of the pressing.

The binding has been pressed in half and then opened for the next pressing step.

 I attempted to use my Hera Marker to mark and crease the 3/4" for the next step, but ended up just using a smaller ruler at my ironing board to incrementally fold and iron the 3/4".

Pictured is both edges folded and pressed 3/4" to the inside or wrong side of the binding.

My goal is to get the binding attached to the quilt today and finished....


I don't know if I would ever do this binding again.  If I did try it again, I know I would make some changes if nothing but to compensate for my inabilities (perhaps make the binding strips larger or use a 1/4" seam.)  The binding look interesting....  I've gone back a number of times to read the instructions to see if I might have done something wrong, but I don't think so.  As the blog tutuorial I used warned, one of the steps was difficult and, because of my inability to perfect it, caused the binding to not finish perfectly.  I also want to say that I should have trimmed the area more where the batting showed too much because the T-shirts in this area didn't get enclosed in the binding like they should have.  I had to make a quilter's fix to hide the area.

Here are some more pictures:

The folded 4.5" folded binding strip gets sewed to the back of the quilt with the folded binding edge matching the edge of the quilt.  I used washable glue for the first time instead of pins and then heat set the glue with the iron.  (This is Sharon Schamber's method that I discussed previously.  I love it!  I do need to fashion a tip for the glue bottle like her's, though.)

This is the joined edge of the binding.  As suggested, I overlapped the starting and ending edges of the binding a 1/2", trimmed the excess, and sewed a straight seam with a 1/4" allowance.  I closed the fold and finished sewing the binding completely after joining these ends.

The binding has been sewed to the back of the quilt on all four sides with a 3/8" allowance.

Be sure to check out Flourishing Palms for the complete tutorial.

September 3, 2010

Project Updates

I've neglected this blog and the featured quilt projects for way too long.  I've done my very best to keep this blog as free from any personal drama as possible.  Know only that I've missed working on the projects and writing for this blog....

I've been actively working the past two weeks getting my quilting act together. My quilting space and fabric stash had become so cluttered and disorganized that I didn't feel like I could work on anything in that environment. I put almost everything to do with quilting on hold so that I could take stock of things, clean, and get organized. I'm close enough to being finished that I felt like I could get back on the blog and give some updates.

The fabric for Bella's T-shirt Quilt was purchased today.  I ended up going with what I liked and because I got a nod from the resident teenager in the house.  I purchased the fabric at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store, taking advantage of a 30% off sale and spending only $7.52 for 2yds.  (I did not estimate the yardage needed so I hope I got enough).

The caterpillar binding I am going to do calls for a homespun or woven fabric.  (These fabrics are most suitable for this type of binding because the fabric used needs to be the same color on both sides and they ravel well.)  I have never made bias binding so that in itself will be challenging in addition to braving the complicated steps involved in preparing and attaching the binding.  I will use the wonderful tutorial I found at Flourishing Palms supplemented by the article featured in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting January/February 2005.  I'm really curious to see the binding on the quilt!

The Eclipse Quilt has languished for too long.  I've been stuck on the Newborn Army block.  I became fixated on the army idea and using camouflage fabric.  That was the only thing I could come up with.....  A couple of wonderful friends, Melissa and Dianne, used part of Melissa's Shop Hop winnings to send me some camo fabric when I couldn't find any myself locally.  Don't ask me yet how I'm going to use it, but I will figure it out!

Even though I haven't hardly touched my machine in the past month, I have been online looking for new quilting methods and helpful software.  I have tried new techniques with my Twilight quilting projects more than anywhere else in my quilting, but there are still so many wonderful techniques and methods out there that I want to try.  I am considering taking a couple of classes at Quilt University, specifically EQ7 Sampler and Realistic Fabric Portraits.  I have quickly become a disciple of Leah Day's quilting method and her free motion quiting blog, 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs.  I've had to temper my enthusiasm somewhat for all the wonderful products she sells for budgetary reasons, but I can personally recommend the Magic Slider that I already had before discovering the site.  I really feel that I am making an investment in myself and my quilting by learning new things, as well as staving off the boredom that  creeps up on me to interrupt projects.

I'll be back soon!