October 30, 2010

Quilting for Friends: Work in Progress or Jumbled Mess?

Now I'm getting annoyed with myself.....  I feel like I'm throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks.

The center square is actually kind of what the quilt would look like pieced in fabric without a few of the details, like the book names in the red strip and the photos.

I see a couple of problems with including the movie sections.  Am I going to wait until I have some pics from Breaking Dawn which could be six to eight months or more and then probably only a few?

The pictures, like Bella's Truck and the lion, wouldn't be photos postitioned anyway like in the example above.  I would applique the motifs onto the (black) background fabric to fill up the space.

The white squares at the top and bottom aren't thrilling me.  They are supposed to hold quilt blocks like the ones I've made for the Eclipse Quilt.

Oh, and I really need to make sure to include the wolves....

Blogging and Update

I blog without obligation, but I generally plan on being here everyday.  I enjoy writing, and since I've all but abandoned my other blogs for most purposes, this is where I've been doing it.  I've made a concerted effort to keep my personal life out of this blog and I stand by that decision so all I have to say about not posting for the past couple of day is that I've been busy.

I have to admit that I'm stuck right where I left off on the quilts.  I tried a few things and didn't like them.  I've been in thinking mode for the past couple of days.

The sectioned areas don't mean anything.  They are just the space that needs to be filled.

I'll be busy with family activities the next couple of days for Halloween.  I'll be thinking of things, though.

October 27, 2010

Quilting for Friends: Progress

No sewing yet, but I seem to be committed to actually designing the quilts in EQ7 first so all is not lost.  I may even be making things easier on myself ultimately.  I rarely follow instructions or have a plan and then I end up in trouble trying to make things fit.

I was a poor math student in high school and it was my least favorite subject.  I laugh frequently about this as I use math more today in quilting (and in other activities like cooking, etc.) than I ever did in school or in my younger years.  I struggled through Geometry with Cs, but I use it all the time in quilting now so I think I know it better now than I ever did then.  I should have quilted in high school as I probably would have seen the purpose in learning all those rules about triangles and I wouldn't have resisted learning it as much.

I'm not having an easy time of it, though, as I'm still learning EQ as I go.  I have had many moments of frustration.  I'm not sure if I doing things correctly and I still have to figure out measurements and placement since I'm using Custom Set.  It has been nice to have been able to see things before I actually sew them.

When I started designing, 104x116" seemed huge and too impossible to be able to fill with quilt blocks.  I'm worried now, though, that I won't have enough room to include everything.  The quilt may have to be reversible.....

I've not been able to figure out how to incorporate all the details in EQ7 so I'll explain a little:

  • The center of the quilt is a picture, but it won't be that in the quilt.  I will actually piece the blocks.  (I don't know exactly how right now how I will sew all the blocks together so they look like the picture, but I'll figure it out.)  I will use my Twilight Book Cover pattern, applique or make a pattern for the tulips and the chess board.  I will use a real ribbon for Eclipse.  (My plan is for this section to measure 24x24")

  • The second row, pictured in red, will have also have the book names appliqued or pieced in the Twilight/Zephyr font.  I would also like to figure out to incorporate some book quotes shadowed or printed on the these strips of fabric behind "Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn"  Spoonflower or printing fabric with Bubble Jet Set may be options.

  • The third row, or movie film strips, will be paper pieced using a pattern that I have copied and drafted in EQ7.  The center of this block will be actual movie scenes printed on fabric.  The little black and white corner blocks are filler blocks and the actual block may change....although, I do happen to like the effect of that block.

The scary thing is that I have used about half of my space with these three sections.

The Voluturi "Midnight Ball" Quilt: Decision Made

I am not getting distracted from other quilts!  I can't stop thinking about the Volturi's "Midnight Ball" Quilt, though.

I have decided to use an available pattern instead of trying to design something on my own.  I truly believe that a setting like the one in Robert Kauffman's  12 Moons will do the Midnight Ball fabric justice.  It will also allow for me to add some special Volturi elements to the quilt in some areas.

I'm thinking that I definitely need to include the Volturi crest, some movie pictures of the Volutri, and anything you suggest.

If I have time, I'm going to try to do a mock quilt in EQ7.  Exciting!

what SHE said

I'll never be a Krisbian and I may never be completely sold on her as Bella, although she owns the role now and I would be hard pressed to suggest anyone different, but I love her style and I'm not talking about her fashion sense.

I'm not an afficianado of her movies.  I only know her from her portrayal of Bella and what little I have heard and read of her interviews in support of the movies.  I'm a fan because more than any of my issues I have with her portrayal of Bella, I know that she has always been totally committed to the movies and the role.  I also appreciate how she struggles in the limelight and find that very endearing and realistic.

An interview, UK'S Sky Interview,  of the Kristin, Rob, and Taylor has been posted and linked at most of the Twilight fan sites I visit that really struck a chord with me.  The entire interview is one of the best I've read so check it out if you haven't!

SMM: Do you ever annoy each other?

KS: They don’t annoy me [laughs]. We have totally normal relationships with each other... We can be honest and not be worried about offending each other.

She has nailed what friendship really is!  How many people really have this in their life?  I know I don't.  I thought I did for a brief time last year.

If I had wishes for all of you, it would be that you have THIS in your life...a person or persons that you can be totally honest with, that you don't have to be worried about offending, and that you can be REAL with.

It's in the tough times more than the good that you need friends.  You need people who will listen to you, not judge, and be supportive.  It's been my experience that most people aren't strong enough.


now, back to quilting.............................

October 26, 2010

Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer (Reproduction): Paper Piecing Tips and Tricks

It's a well known fact that I am persnickety when it comes to quilting.....

It's also a well known fact that I am very critical of my own work.  I'm rarely satisfied with anything I do and I always see room for improvement.

I have ways I like to do things.  I don't like to be told my business, even quilting business.  I rarely like to tell anyone how to do things because of the way I know I am--something that works for me won't necessarily work for someone else.  For instance, there are numerous ways to piece half square triangles and there are even quilting tools available to make piecing them easier.

I'm even uncomfortable with sharing how I do things.  I have trouble explaining things.  I also don't want feel like a know-it-all.  I experienced too much of that at the other group with someone who knew-it-all and, no, it wasn't me!

I'm ultimately just about results.  Sucess is measured in finding what works for you and sewing well!

This all being said, one might still believe that do I think that I know it all....  I don't!  I'm constantly on the computer looking for tutorials, ideas, and inspiration.

As I continue in my quilting journey to recreate the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer, I know I'm going to feel the need to share some of my favorite sites, tips and tricks.  I hope they will be helpful....

One of my favorite sites for patterns and paper piecing is Piece by Number.  Beth has a site and an Etsy.  (I used one of her patterns for the Eclipse Quilt Imprinting block.)  She also has one of the best pages for Precision Paper Piecing Tips and Tricks.  I highly recommend it!  The tips and tricks for piecing sections together are especially useful.

The Cat Magraith Twilight paper piecing patterns aren't overly complicated, although she does classify them as advanced.  I would classify the patterns more intermediate because they do have multiple sections and they're not really that well.....drafted and formatted.  I believe the Silver Linings Originals patterns are properly classified as advanced, not because of any drafting or formatting issues, but because of the intricate sections, detail, and number of fabrics used.

A beginner might have trouble with paper piecing some of the blocks because they don't have enough experience dealing with difficult quilting issues that these blocks might present:  printing and resizing, pattern issues, multiple sections, fabric selection, etc.  Sometimes experience is the best teacher and adds the needed oompf in problem solving for tricky blocks.  Sometimes experience isn't enough and you just have to make the block more than once....or tell yourself that it's good enough if that's your way.

The Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer is made of almost all paper pieced blocks.  It would be very worthwhile for one to read up on the paper piecing method and some of the tips and tricks available.

Don't be scared away from paper piecing, though!  It's really only sewing on the line and sewing sections together with an accurate 1/4" seam allowance.  There are plenty of tips and tricks to use that will insure success!

Volturi "Midnight Ball" Quilt: It's a GO!!!!

I'm thrilled to report that the Midnight Ball fabric is available for purchase in Decobot's shop at Spoonflower!  (If you go, be sure to check out her other designs.  I especially love the mermaids!)

If you will remember, I talked about the fabric and my desire to make a quilt in this post.

I'm going to order a couple of yards.  hmmm......which quilt to make?!

October 24, 2010

Quilting for Friends: Pre-Production

I'm pretending that the Twilight quilts are in Pre-Production--you know, like Breaking Dawn is in Pre-Production as we speak.

It's true!

I'm making design decisions, bookmarking and buying fabric, and....procrastinating.  It's time to get sewing, though.

In committing to documenting the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt, I am actually making Elizabeth's quilt--finally!

In drafting that quilt in EQ7, I'm actually learning it and practicing so I can draft Sarah's quilt--finally!

There is a method to my madness.....

I never stop looking for inspiration.  The Twilight Movie Quilt provided that this evening.  I found it by chance.

Back to EQ!

Twilight Movie Quilt: An Amazing Quilt

Quilts Sew Shabby

This quilt is amazing!  I'm very inspired.....  I know what that means.....

The Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer (Reproduction): Fabric Choices

Above is one of the fabrics I will be using for the to reproduce the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer.  I purchased it at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store.  It is one of their basic fabrics that I have seen in the locations in my area.  I purchased four yards.

The red that will be used is RJR's Handspray red.  The fabric can be found by searching quiltshops.com which is my favorite way to find fabric online.

**The fabrics are not the same as were used in the original quilt, but it are similar in style and tone.

Oh, and......

Vivian Love quilted the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer.  She has some photos of the quilt at Flickr.  She no longer keeps up her blog, but she wrote about her experience when she did.

October 23, 2010

The Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer (Reproduction): Working it Out in EQ

I decided to work some more with Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) to draft the Twilight Quilt using the software.  I feel like I'm a reverse engineer, like Ben Affleck in Paycheck, working from a picture of the quilt and the block sizes to make a pattern.  I had some success last night.  I need to work some more with it to make sure things are right and perhaps insert some of the finer details of the quilt into it instead of just showing the areas in black. 

The quilt as is measures 55"x55".  The cornerstones are pictures of the embroidered quotes from the original quilt that I was able to insert into the draft.  The software allows you to export an image of the quilt and save as a .jpeg.

October 22, 2010

Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer: One of Your Own

Do you want to make your own Twilight quilt like the one that was given to Stephenie Meyer?

I promised a long time ago to document in detail how the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer was made, including links to patterns.  Please note:  some of the blocks were designed by members and aren't available in pattern form.  I will do my best calling on years of quilting experience, memory, and access to the thread at the Twilight Moms Forum to reconstruct how the quilt was made and give instructions on how to make the quilt to finish as close to the original as possible.

First, though, some more information about the quilt:

Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer by Twilight Quilters Coven, made in 2009
Elizabeth, Iris, Shannon, Joyce, Wanda, Jerri Lynn, Jean, Cat (patterns), Vivian (quilting), and honorable mention to Jennifer (sewhooked.org)

Best Group Quilt, Springville Museum of Art 36th Annual Quilt Show, July 2009 ($100 prize donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation)

Accepted by the Pacific International Quilt Festival, October 2009

Featured in Quilter's Home, February/March 2010 (direct link to scanned article, zoom in available)

Gifted to Stephenie Meyer in January 2010

Got all that?!  Suffice to say, despite all that happened after, I think we all can say that we are all very proud of the project.  The project represented the best in all of us:  our love of Twilight, our love of quilting, and friendship.

A few other things to clear up:

  • The quilt was to finish about 55x55".  The individual blocks in the outside border are 5" (finished).  For some reason, we decided that this was a good size for the quilt to be.  I would have liked for it to finish larger, if not only to increase the size of these 5" blocks.  Five inches is small and an odd measurement....  My instructions will be for a quilt and blocks this size, but I will also make suggestions as to how to make a bigger quilt.

  • Fabric consistency was very important to Elizabeth. She insisted that the same black fabric was used in the center medallion and for the other setting areas of the quilt.  I also seem to remember that it was important that the backing fabric be this same fabric.  (I am of a different opinion and almost always choose "busy" patterned fabrics for quilt backs because they are more forgiving of quilting stitches.)  You will need to keep this in mind when purchasing fabric.  I would recommend at least 3 yards be purchased of the black fabric to be used for the front of the quilt just to be safe. 

My idea for the center medallion featuring all of the Twilight series book covers was used.  (I'll never really know if the idea was truly liked as was said at the time or if there were other feelings involved in using it.)  I had been actively seeking out quilt patterns for a Twilight quilt of my own since reading the books in 2008.  I pointed out to the group that there was a paper piecing pattern, Forbidden Fruit by Catherine Magraith, available for the Twilight book cover.  It became the center block of the quilt.  (The other parts of the quilt and patterns will be detailed in future posts.)

Stay tuned......

October 21, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Suspended

I'm pretty frustrated with the Realistic Fabric Portrait project right now.  I am going to put it aside for awhile until I can figure some things out.

I need to work on something that is fun and not so tedious.  Unfortunately, many of my projects are at the tedious stage so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

October 20, 2010

A Couple of Ideas to Share

Inspiration is around every corner or, at least, in a magazine.

I saved a couple of pages from some of my magazines with Twilight quilt projects in mind.

One of them was a quilted calendar holder from Quiltmaker January/February 2010.  Instead of the Perennial Peonies block, I would feature something Twilight-y....like my Twilight Book Cover block.  I read the instructions over again this morning and the calendar holder seems pretty easy to make!  A 12" block is featured.  The prairie points are a nice touch.

Peg Spradlin, Perennial Peonies (Quiltmaker, Jan/Feb 2010)

Bargello, anyone?  I think Bargello quilts are so cool looking.  I've always wanted to make one, but I've been scared away.  It really shouldn't be that difficult because one uses basic strip piecing to construct the quilt.  However, one must follow the instructions to the letter, not my strong suit, and sew accurately.  Fabric choices are also very important.  I've wanted to make a Bargello quilt, but I've also always wanted to incorporate a block version for La Tua Cantante....which I haven't given up on and, in fact, have a spot for in the Twilight Quilts I have been designing collecting ideas for.

Patti Carey, Nouveau Bargello (Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Fall 2007)

La Tua Cantante....

Ann Lauer, Heart Song (Quilter's World, February 2010)

October 19, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Change of Plans

I know I'm probably making things more difficult on myself, but I have my reasons for making this decision.

I have decided to drastically scale back the size of the fabric portrait.  If I were to make the portrait as suggested by my class, it would finish essentially life-size.  My photo was cropped to feature RPatz/Edward from chest to head, but it would have still have finished....well....large.  This large of a portrait is bigger than I want to commit fabric and time to right now.

I know I will be creating a huge headache for myself with some tiny pieces of fabric.  I may not even be able to thread paint/finish it properly at this scale.  My pattern is printed on an 8.5x11" paper and it doesn't even take up the whole sheet.

I spent some of my afternoon penciling in the drawing so I could discern and familiarize myself with all the sections.  I finished it up tonight.  Now he really looks like Frankenstein!

The colors mean nothing!  I colored the line drawing to see the sections better.  The pink eyebrows should have been your first clue.

I am going to try to get the recommended graphite paper to use in tracing the drawing onto the muslin base.

It may not feel like it, but I really am eager to get to the stage of placing fabric and making this portrait....  I'm not being difficult.  I do always have to buck the system, though, and do things my way.  All this fussiness is probably why I don't take classes very often and why I don't get along with groups.  I have to do things my way!

October 18, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: From Drawing to Fabric

I'm supposed to use this to make a fabric portrait?!  Yeah, right!  The face looks like a jumble of lines and even worse when I project it on the wall life-size.  No, I'm not going to throw in the towel...but I might have to have a few drinks before I dive into placing fabric to make the face.


And, fabric I have.  Who know if any of it will work, but I've sure spent the money the past couple of days.  I hit my third quilt shop today and I shopped JoAnns.  I've also pulled fabrics from my stash.

I traced the line drawing onto my muslin base tonight.  I also traced a paper drawing.  (I did not follow the instructions from class so hopefully it won't hurt me.)  My hand is about to fall off and I think I may have a blister on my index finger.  Adding to my distress more than anything, is that the face looks like a maze of dotted lines that I can't follow.  The picture above is a little clearer to me as I can follow the lines better.

So, I may scrap what I have and print the photo onto paper in sections as a poster.  I could use a transfer medium to make a copy on another muslin base.

Or, I could just go crazy....

Twilight Quilt: The Book Covers

I've been brainstorming for a way to feature all four Twilight Saga book covers in a different way than the way the one I designed was used in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Quilt.  Brainstorming in Shannon-speak means using Google Images search engine to find a picture to use and then converting it into fabric (search Twilight book covers combined).  It would be very easy to make the Twilight Quilt center using the same idea, but I really want to do something new and different.  The medallion style used in Stephenie's quilt would takes up a lot of space even in a queen-size quilt for one reason and there are so many elements I want to include from the books that I think I would still be pressed for space in a large quilt.  I also have considered the associated emotions that I have about the entire other coven experience.  I would like to try new things, too, in order to continue challenging myself.  I reserve the right to change my mind, though.....

I like the idea of combining all four book covers into one block:

something like this, but fanned so all covers were visible:

or this arrangement:

I still want to use a real ribbon for Eclipse.  I need to get busy for a pattern(s) for the tulip and chess board.  I also want to test more fabrics for the Twilight block.

October 16, 2010

Twilight Quilt: A New Lion

I was in my mom's neighborhood yesterday so I stopped at the quilt shop to look.

I have numerous projects to find supplies for.  I've been looking for a good black fabric and other fabrics to use in the Twilight quilts and batiks for the RPatz/Edward fabric portrait.  I must have looked at a hundred flesh colored fabrics online, but I can't seem to make up my mind.  Do I opt for non-patterned complexion fabrics or do I want to use batiks that might include some patterns?  The other issue is that I think I want to stay away from peachy flesh fabrics.  I plan on making the rounds this weekend to all the quilt shops to make up my mind or order online.

I have too many choices and I'm paralyzed with indecision.  There is the pack I featured in a recent post.  I also found some hand dyes that might work. (scroll to the bottom of the page for the sets.)  Any advice would be appreciated.

Because I couldn't make up my mind or find exactly what I wanted, I was tempted by some other things.  I did buy a FQ of black with red accents fabric.  I've not been able to find the black fabric I wanted for the Twilight Hands block--I don't like the one I used for the test block because it reads too much of a solid--so I think that this fabric might be a nice change of pace.  I may very well go back to using Fairy Frost or a similar fabric that was used in Stephenie's quilt...but FF is a signature fabric of another group.  I also purchased some fabrics for Edward's shirt in the fabric portrait.

My neatest find was this pattern, though:

Serengeti, Toni Whitney (Bigfork Bay Cotton Company)

I've been a huge fan this company and their patterns for a long time.  I have a Autumn Eyes (grizzly bear) and Winter Wolf, but I've never made them.  (go here for a company that features many of the patterns, including available fabric packs)

Isn't he gorgeous?  Can you say Lion and Lamb block?!

I seem to be tempted more and more by applique blocks.  My first thought used to be how can I paper piece a block and will I be able to find an available block or be able to modify one.  I've expanded my horizons a bit which is supposed to be a good thing, but it has also confused and overwhelmed me.

October 15, 2010

The Volturi Midnight Ball Quilt

I routinely become inspired by fabric.  This is the latest:

Midnight Ball by decobot

If you really want to know, the main reason I started quilting was because I loved fabric so much.  I could never get the hang of making clothes.  I had to have some type of hobby that allowed me to use large amounts of fabric and quilting seemed to fit the bill, especially with all the tool advancements that had been made.  The hardest part was learning to use a rotary cutter accurately and sewing the 1/4" seam.

I've been thinking about the Midnight Ball fabric at Spoonflower.  Gone are the days when I can just buy fabric without having a project in mind.  I do need to progress more than this promise like actually buying fabric with a purpose in mind AND actually completing the project.  One step at a time.....  I am making progress because I used to buy fabric because I liked it and not necessarily with a project in mind which has produced a huge stash of beloved fabric that I frequently can't bear to use and not that many finished quilts.

Midnight Ball is one of those fabrics that falls under the category of fabrics that you can't bear to cut up.  Yes, this is an actual fabric category known in the quilting world that I didn't make up.  I remain to be design challenged so I knew that I needed to find a pattern or at least be inspired by the quilting world in some fashion to find a quilt to feature this wonderful fabric.  One of my favorite local quilt shops is Holly's Quilt Cabin and their pattern company Mountain Peek Creations.  I was reminded of their Sidelights pattern as one specifically designed for those fabrics that you can't bear to cut up or quilt panels.  (I wouldn't even have to buy this pattern as I already did....just would have to find it.  ugh!)

using Sidelights pattern, Mountain Peek Creations

I think this pattern would make a good quilt featuring the Midnight Ball.  The other option might be the free pattern, 12 Moons by Robert Kauffman.

12 Moons by Robert Kauffman

I'm debating whether or not to send for a swatch of Midnight Ball or to just go for it and buy 1 yard?


In doing more research on possibly ordering a swatch, I realized some things about this fabric.

The picture above of Midnight Ball would be the repeat of the fabric pattern.  If I ordered a FQ, I would get that scene.  A FQ (18x21"ish pice of fabric) is $11...now, considering that most FQs are normally priced at no more than $3....)  A swatch would really only show me if I liked the quality of fabric and the colors because it wouldn't be big enough to feature much of the pattern.

A yard of fabric would look like this:

I would almost think that I would need to get 2yds of fabric for Sidelights (1yd not enough in length).  If I stuck with 12 Moons, or a variation, 1yd would be enough because the main panel only needs to measure 16.5x22.5" (although, the pattern looks to be about 19x15 to have the full scene included).

Confused?  Me, too....

This is all moot as the fabric isn't for sale yet. DOUBLE BOO!

Send the designer a message and lobby her to put it on sale....

***to the right of the fabric photo and underneath the price list is a way to message Decobot.

October 14, 2010

Spoonflower Vampire Fabric Contest Update: Winner


Our favorite Midnight Ball by decobot didn't win, but it did finish in the Top 10.  I think the reason I like the fabric so much and voted for it was because it reminds me of the Volutri.

I want, want, want to order some!  You can, too....  It's pricey at $18.00/yd.  It is so cool, though!  My mind is racing with quilt ideas to feature it.  Stop me now...

T-Shirt Quilt: Claimed

Jennifer's mom, Viv, contacted me yesterday to claim the (Bella's) T-shirt Quilt.  Thank you!  I will be mailing it this weekend to Canada....

I can't believe what T-shirt quilts are being sold for.  I saw one site that will make them using T-shirts you supply for $350.00!

I think they are pretty easy to make with t-shirts from your closet or purchased, minimal supplies, and a sewing machine.  I documented the steps I took while I made the one I gave away and there are other sites that have tutuorials.  The Quiltmaker November/December 2010 issue also has instructions for making a T-shirt quilt.

If anyone doesn't want to make their own, we should talk.  I will make anyone their own T-shirt quilt for $100!

1) Email:  thetwilightquilterscoven@gmail.com

2) ***Mail me your T-shirts and

3) $25.00 to pay for supplies like, batting and fusible stabilizer

4) $75.00 donation to the charity of your choice.

***You could even choose to include the Horseshoe Crab T-shirt or the Largest Catsup Bottle T-Shirt as mentioned in Eclipse, the movie and available for purchase here and here.

Another idea would be to make a Twilight T-shirt Quilt.  Hot Topic has tons on clearance, search Twilight.

October 12, 2010

The Next Twilight Quilts: They Will Get Made as Promised...Really!

I've been in private conversations with Sarah over the past month or so.  I finally admitted to her that my grand design of using EQ7 to design a rockin' Twilight quilt just wasn't happening and that I just wanted to quilt.  I'll say it again:  I don't deserve so much understanding, but without it I couldn't make it through the day.

One of the reasons I surrendered so much control at the other coven to my detriment even though my designs and ideas were used with impunity was because of my horrible sense of organization and my laughable leadership skills.  I've always maintained that I need a partner that can overlook all most of my personality issues and be the Yin to my Yang--listen to my design ideas, focus them, and get them down on paper BUT still be willing for the design to evolve if necessary without taking offense.  I know, it sounds like A LOT to ask of a person.  I'm on my own now and I'm struggling more than ever even though I can do whatever I want because I feel like a wandering moon.

I have so many design ideas rolling around in my head, but I'm not sure which ones I want to incorporate into the quilts I need to make.  It's more than a fear of failing that is paralyzing me or even perfectionism.  Yes, I still struggle with the trust issues that is part of my problem.  I have a hard time believing when people tell me they like something.  This is a lifelong issue for me since I have burned so many times as recently as my break-up with the other coven.  It's no wonder I'm having a hard time quilting.

As I'm celebrating the year anniversary of what has become known as the New Moon Quilt Tantrum, I do see the this time as the final stages of my mourning.  I've had a year to mourn and I need to move on.  Somehow, I've equated moving on with being able to make a Twilight Quilt.  One might think that the reason why I can't be serious about making the Quilt is because I don't want to move on.  Perhaps......

I'm will not be able to live with myself, though, if I don't make the quilts.  This means I need to stop talking about why I haven't and just DO!

I will have money on Friday and shopping always seems to inspire me.  It is my goal to buy the fabrics for these quilts and to get busy.  I will be posting some design ideas.  Sadly they will be hand drawn and probably craptastic, but I'll at least have a starting plan.

Twilight Quilters Coven: T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway WINNER


Thank you from me to all that entered and donated.... This Giveaway was a true labor of love for me.

I'll need name and address info from the winner so that I can mail the quilt as soon as 10/15.

October 11, 2010

10/12 UPDATED...(Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway: Sorry for the Delay

**Edited 10/12....

This will still happen, but not until this evening.  By then, I will have use of my husband's computer with camera while one of my assistants kids is still awake.  I'm going to have one of them draw the winner--because I can't bear to be responsible for that.  I feel like I have an emotional attachment beyond the norm to this quilt and the giveaway.  Hopefully, Blogger will be working properly.  (If you wouldn't mind, just pretend that I'm adding to the suspense and not messing up this whole process.)

(I'm pleased to see that I can upload the image above--I kept getting server error last night.)  This is a screenshot of the Gmail Inbox for the T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway email.

Thank you to those that contributed for extra entries.  I'm sure the donations to the Red Cross were appreciated!

Blogger is having issues tonight.....

It won't let me post a photo no matter what I do!

I can't wait anymore as I need to get to bed.

Hopefully, I will be able to post the winner tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding.

(Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway: Last Call

Last call for entries for the T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway.

I will draw the winner this evening.

I have one person with six entries!

Enter to win and improve your chances by donating to the Red Cross and telling me you did.


Good Luck....

October 10, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Corrected Line Drawing

Paying the fee for this class is worth it for getting help with my line drawing alone and really in having the instructor make one for me.  (We had to try at least one before she would step in.)  I have learned a couple of things.  I think if I do anymore of these I will need to get a drawing computer program or see if I can do anything in EQ7.  The instructor uses a program for drawing and I really think it makes a difference.  The projected image was so difficult to trace.  I would stand back and see the areas I wanted to trace, but they would almost disappear when I went to the projected photo to trace.  I think it would be more efficient and easier to see on the computer to make the line drawing.  I also think experience and practice makes a huge difference!

No more clown lips and goofy looking eyes...  The nose looks like a nose.  He has an ear now.  She also excluded the background part of the drawing.

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Line Drawing

I gritted my teeth and submitted my RPatz line drawing for the Realistic Fabric Portrait class.  It is now on display for all of the class to see....  The instructor hasn't commented yet so I'll wait until she does to make the muslin tracing.

I detailed my difficulties creating this line drawing in my last post.  I think he looks like he has a clown mouth among other things.  Hopefully, he will turn out better in fabric.

October 9, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Chin Up

I'm more than a bit discouraged right now.  Lesson Two has been released as of yesterday afternoon, but I'm stuck in Lesson One.  I sit here and write hoping to work through some issues. 

I've completed the posterized photo to transparency step.  I attempted to purchase the transparency at FedEx Kinkos so I could print it on my own printer, but the transparencies were only for laser printers.  I took the photo that I saved on a borrowed thumb drive back to Kinkos yesterday because I didn't want to spend $$$ on a box of transparencies that would print from my ink jet printer.  The photo had to be converted to a .pdf to get it to print in color on the transparency for some reason.  The good news is that this only cost me $.81.

I'm at the line drawing stage and I'm having all sorts of trouble.  I have projected the photo on my design wall, moving the table back far enough and focusing so that the head from crown to chin measures the recommended 8.5".  I'm to trace the sections that are differentiated by the colors/shading that make up the photo.

I was to have purchased a 19x24" pad of tracing paper, but I didn't want to spend the $17.99 for the pad at Hobby Lobby....  I ended up buying a large sheet of artists paper to act as a screen and a large piece of vellum for tracing.

I'm on round two of tracing.  Tracing the eyes, nose, and lips is so difficult!  The projected photo looses some definition.  The detail in these areas get lost and become impossible to accurately recreate.

I'm going to just finish it and then submit it anyway.  The instructor has redone many of my classmates' line drawings so if mine has to be redone or changed, I shouldn't feel like I failed.  I will, though.

I would like to get some transparencies that I could print at home.  I would try to edit my photo differently and print it on a transparency to see if it would make a difference in my projected image.  I don't know if I will ever do another one of these fabric portraits.  I'm not having that much fun with the first one.

I long for the days that I was moaning and growing about the Twilight Book Cover pattern....

Oh, and before anyone thinks that this is just one more example of me %itching about my quilting and being unhappy, I'm happy to set the record straight one more time.  This is me!  I may moan and groan, but I usually persevere and make something quiltastic!!

Off to finish and to think some more about this whole process to see if I'm missing something or maybe change the process or materials to better suit me and/or my photo.

October 7, 2010

Spoonflower: Vote for Your Favorite Vampire Fabric

Vampires have always been my thing even before Twilight.

I actually like the paranormal in general, but anything vampire has always thrilled me.  I do have to insert a disclaimer, though.  I've never been into horror movies or things that are too scary.....  I can read horror, but I can't bear to watch scary movies even at my mature age.  I grew up reading romance novels so I have always gravitated to romantic vampire stories the most.  I like nice vampires--the ones with tortured souls and not the ones who will eat babies without blinking.

I was tickled to get Spoonflower's email today.  For those that haven't heard of Spoonflower, it's the coolest thing.  As Spoonflower, you can design and create your own fabric!  I tried the service out about a year ago, with mixed results.  I would definitely like to try again.  The company has weekly themed contests.  This week's contest is Vampires.

Go vote.....

(Bella's) T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway: You've Still Got Time

Eleven people have entered to win the quilt.

The drawing will be held October 11, 2010.

You've still got time.......

October 6, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portraits: I'm in Awe....

I visited my Realistic Fabric Portraits instructor's site today and I don't know what to think.  Her name is Marilyn Belford and her work is just AMAZING!  The gallery is here.  She features a couple of her portraits as Works in Progress and here is Marty.

All fabric and thread--no paint.

Can I admit to being scared and excited at the same time?!

I couldn't even have imagined using some of the fabrics she uses in the faces.  I'm rushing steps, but I'm already freaking out about finding the right fabrics for my portrait.

It's time to rally the troops.  Are you with me?

October 5, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Approved

I've been approved....  Well, the RPatz photo and its posterization has been.  I didn't make it out to get the transparency sheet I needed so I haven't done anything else but gaze longingly at the photo for more reasons than figuring out how to make the line drawing.  You know it!

My question is:  do I use the full version or the cropped version that was made for me?

Probably easier to make the portrait from the cropped version.

October 4, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portrait: Lesson One

Lesson One opened Friday evening.  I was only going to follow along with the lessons and discussions, taking what I learned to make a quilt later, but then I reconsidered this idiotic idea.  Why pay for a class and then not actually do the work while its being held?!

Probably because....I'm still embarrassed by my Twilight obsession.  How can that be when I have a Twilight quilting blog?  I'm still pretty anonymous.  I've met Elizabeth, but we met because of Twilight.  I don't hang out at any of the Twilight sites because I'm still like public enemy number one, 99.9% of people don't want to chat about quilting and Twilight as a general rule, and I don't have any local friends that are into the books.

I could have used another photo, but I really wanted to make a Twilight fabric portrait.  I got over myself and submitted my photo telling myself that no one would recognize the subject.  The instructor did, though.  Too funny!  She was like, isn't he that vampire guy?

I would have liked to do a portrait with Edward and Bella, but using a photo with more than one subject was discouraged for a first project.  There was another photo I wanted to use, but it was too dark.  This is the photo I decided to use:

I was a little discouraged by the class on Friday.  I wasn't sure it was money well spent when I saw Lesson One.  I think the techniques are similar to those that I used to make the Victoria block, including posterizing the photo. (I used a mish mash of techniques from a couple of books I'd purchased for fabric portraits with mixed results.  I contend that the scale I was forced to work with in the 7" block increased the degree of difficulty ten fold.)  I made it a point to not be so negative---bad, bad, bad, habit--about the class this weekend, though, and to figure that I will learn something.  I'm also enjoying the discussions.  The instructor is very responsive and helpful.  (I find it interesting that some people have taken the class more than once which I don't completely understand.)

This is my photo posterized.  I am waiting for the instructor's opinion.  I forgot to send in the original in my rush to get it emailed for upload to the gallery while I was at work.  She will use it to see if I posterized enough.

After I get approval for my photo and make any needed changes, I will make a line drawing.  M brought an old overhead projector from home for me to use.  I went a little lot crazy with money over the weekend, so I'm not sure I can get all my supplies.

October 3, 2010

The Twilight Book Cover Quilt Block: Test Completed

I made it my goal to finish the block this weekend.  I had to make it a goal because I knew I would get caught up with other things if I didn't.  (If anyone hasn't noticed by now, there is a certain psychology to my quilting.)   I'm glad I finished it and I feel such a sense of relief!

Block Details:

Twilight Book Cover paper piece pattern by Shannon

Squared up to 8.5x10.5" (with seam allowance)

Pieced by Shannon

There are only a few areas that I will have to address as far as the sewing sequence is concerned.  I will either tweak the drawing in those areas or split those sections up.  The block sections went together with little incident--even the finger sections which are very small..  I can't point to any glaring issues with matching points.  My pattern's detail is unmatched.

The fabrics.....are okay.  I'm not sure what I will change.  There is one area where I think a darker shade of hand fabric would have been better:

The fabric that I used for the hands is a batik that has a graduation of shades through the width of the fabric and had the same printed texture throughout.  It helped me get the shading....right....to a degree, but I'm not sure I really like it.  I probably will never be happy--always looking for that perfect fabric, you know?!

I'm not sure I got the apple right, either.  I looks like a red ball instead of an apple.  I need to work on it....  I feel like this section fabric placement is definitely wrong:

I think I like the dark gray I used for the shadows surrounding the apple, though.

I'm open to any suggestions for needed changes.  I'm my worst critic, but I also overlook errors sometimes.

I will use this block in something.  I'm thinking of using it in this on the front flap:

October 1, 2010

Realistic Fabric Portraits

I discussed in a previous post my desire to take a couple of classes at Quilt University.  I signed up for Realistic Fabric Portraits today.  Taking this class is a huge leap of faith for me.....  I'm totally unprepared and will probably just print out the lessons for now, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up.  I don't even have a picture picked out.  My budget will be crying over it, but I'm only a little bit sorry.

(I missed out on the EQ7 class this time.  I would have only be able to sign up for one class anyway.)

And, why am I announcing my registration on this blog and not my personal blog?

I am seriously considering doing a fabric portrait of (one) of the characters from the Twilight Saga movies.  Have I totally lost it?  Any ideas?!

This is a picture of the class sample:

In a lot of respects, I feel like much of the work, longing, and dissatisfaction of late with the Twilight projects has led me to taking this class.  I'm eager to learn!