October 14, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt: Claimed

Jennifer's mom, Viv, contacted me yesterday to claim the (Bella's) T-shirt Quilt.  Thank you!  I will be mailing it this weekend to Canada....

I can't believe what T-shirt quilts are being sold for.  I saw one site that will make them using T-shirts you supply for $350.00!

I think they are pretty easy to make with t-shirts from your closet or purchased, minimal supplies, and a sewing machine.  I documented the steps I took while I made the one I gave away and there are other sites that have tutuorials.  The Quiltmaker November/December 2010 issue also has instructions for making a T-shirt quilt.

If anyone doesn't want to make their own, we should talk.  I will make anyone their own T-shirt quilt for $100!

1) Email:  thetwilightquilterscoven@gmail.com

2) ***Mail me your T-shirts and

3) $25.00 to pay for supplies like, batting and fusible stabilizer

4) $75.00 donation to the charity of your choice.

***You could even choose to include the Horseshoe Crab T-shirt or the Largest Catsup Bottle T-Shirt as mentioned in Eclipse, the movie and available for purchase here and here.

Another idea would be to make a Twilight T-shirt Quilt.  Hot Topic has tons on clearance, search Twilight.


  1. I know I was looking at different websites and there was one for 1,000 (that is the cheapest one I found), I am like that is so much... but then I found you LOL

  2. @Sarah

    You are the best! Your visits have rejuvenated my spirit and I appreciate your friendship!!!


  3. Aww... That just made my day, you so are so sweet.
    Thank you so much it really does me a lot to me !

  4. Again THANK YOU!!! I have one excited girl who cannot wait. She may not sleep for 2 weeks.


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