July 31, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: Not a Quilt Yet

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt.  I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt:  Finished Quilt Top

The quilt top is finished.  The quilt has six rows of five 12" blocks as planned.  It will finish as a nice size quilt to snuggle under while watching a Twilight movie.

I'd like to give another shout out to my friend Elizabeth for donating the In-and-Out shirt:  the second shirt from the left in Row #6.

Row #6 has a lobster shirt in acknowledgment of the movie quilt.  It's not a 3-headed lobster, but it's got a cute saying.  I also a included a Forks shirt.  I purchased these shirts new and then proceeded to cut them up.  Craziness!

There are some big decisions to make:

1)  Home Quilting vs. Professional Longarm Quilting

I have been in touch with a local quilter about the quilt.  She seems to believe that the quilt can be quilted Edge-to-Edge which is the most economical professionally done quilting treatment.  (I had to contact a new quilter as the one I used before has stopped taking quilts....)  I haven't scheduled an appointment.  I could also use another quilter I know, but she is typically significantly more expensive even for the simplest of quilting treatments even though I have a 10% discount card to be used for one quilt.

How much are we talking about?  By my calculations, quilting would be at least $100.00.  This doesn't include the batting I usually purchase directly from her.  The thread is an extra charge, too.

I still have to buy backing fabric.  I purchased shirts.  Investment in this quilt would be about $250.00 not including my time (which really isn't a consideration because I quilt for the love of it and not a payday....).

The other option is to quilt this at home.  My free-motion quilting skills are nearly non-existent.  I never look forward to quilting quilts of this size on my home machine.  The other option is to quilt some type of straight line design like a grid pattern.  I would have the chore of basting the quilt before quilting which I've never cared for, too.

2) Batting

Do I want to use batting as a layer in this quilt?  I have difficulty calling a quilt a quilt if it doesn't have batting as a layer--that's just me.  Many of the T-shirt quilts I've seen online don't contain batting.  If I do use batting and quilt on my machine, quilting will be like wrestling with an alligator.

3) What am I going to do with this quilt?

The poll ended with Giveaway.  I discussed some possibilities in this post.

I don't know if I'm up to another one.  More people would have to show some interest frankly for me to want to do one.  I'm personna non grata many places and we're not established on any Twilight sites so it's difficult to get the word out.  Except for a few close friends, no one seems to be interested in this little group.

The non-quilters out there may be confused my discussion about having someone else quilt for me.  Aren't I a quilter?  Why would I make a top and not quilt it?  Well, that's a conversation that I would love to have, but in another entry....

July 30, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: 21 blocks and Counting

I'm not sure when the next block will get finished as my life get busier this time of year with family life and professional pursuits....  Bella's T-Shirt Quilt also needs to be worked on!

Here are the finished blocks so far:

This quilt is going to be so amazing!  The quilt will include 36 quilt blocks, an eclipse, and ribbon.  It will be the best Twilight Saga Eclipse Quilt out there for design, workmanship, story representation.....and LOVE.

July 28, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Grizzly Bear/Emmett and Rosalie

Eclipse Quilt:  Grizzly Bear/Emmett and Rosalie

Would you like me better if I chose to stay human?

She turned back to me, her lips twitching into a hint of a smile.  Maybe.

You did get some of your happing ending, though, I reminded here.  You got Emmett.

I got half.  She grinned.  You know that I saved Emmett from a bear that was mauling him, and carried him home to Carlisle.  But can you guess why I stopped the bear from eating him?

I shook my head.

With the dark curls...the dimples that showed even while he was grimacing in pain...the strange innocence that seemed so out of place on a grown man's face...he reminded me of Vera's little Henry.  I didn't want him to die--so much that, even though I hated this life, I was selfish enough to ask Carlisle to change him for me.

I got luckier than I deserved.  Emmett is everything I would have asked for....

(Eclipse, pp 166-167)

Block Details


This is the second time I've used the Silver Linings Originals Grizzly Bear in a quilt.  I made the Grizzly Bear to represent Rosalie and Emmett for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Quilt that was gifted to her and accepted earlier this year.  I mention this quilt a little in my bio and you can see it here.  (One of these days I will feature this quilt in greater detail....)

I couldn't resist making the block again for the Eclipse Quilt.  I have come to associate bears with Emmett because of his backstory.  As a result, they are his animal of choice to hunt.  I felt a grizzly bear block would compliment the block I made for Rosalie's story.  She deserved a happy ending even if it is only half of one.

The block was particularly challenging the first time because it was only 5".  I was thrilled to have two more inches to work with.  The pattern is 16x16" so I reduced it 50%.  I needed the block to finish slightly larger than it's finished size so that I could square the block up when completed.  (This method seems to be the most forgiving, because, honestly it's just too difficult to get them to finish the exact size.)

Choosing the fabrics was challenging.  The block called for six different browns.  (FYI...Silver Linings Originals also has fabric packets for purchase for many of the blocks.)  I used batiks from my stash.  Using the rose background fabric was an easy decision.

For the quilters, I have a few tips.  Silver Linings Originals patterns are challenging, but worth the effort!

  • Use a thread that is in the same color family as the fabrics you use for the bear fabrics.  Invariably after sewing and pressing, some of the threads will be visible no matter how careful one is.

  • Shorten your stitch length when sewing the individual sections, especially.  I shortened mine even more than I normally do when paper piecing.  I usually go down to 1.5 on my machine, but I went all the way down to 1.  This lessens the chance of the problem mentioned above and makes the seams more stable, especially with blocks this small.

  • Match Points are provided for a reason!  I got away with not using them when piecing most of the sections together by simply eyeballing them.  I won't admit to how many times I had to seam rip and resew the last two bear halves, though, because I couldn't get the sections to match up properly.  The trouble is that I dislike leaving the paper on as recommended.  I could have saved myself a ton on time... 

  • Using batiks is a wise choice.  The fabrics aren't as thick as regular cottons so using them helps minimize bulk.  I also like the textures and varied shades that batiks provide.
I love Silver Linings Originals patterns.  I wish I could get Linda to draft Twilight Hands and Parrot Tulips for me!  Either that, or I wish I could make patterns like she does!!

July 27, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Inspiration and Bella's Engagement Ring

When it comes to Twilight, I can barely contain my enthusiasm about anything related.  I have become such a fan girl....  The fact that quilting, the love of my life, has become consumed by Twilight quilts and other projects should not be surprising.  I try not to be discouraged by any perceived lack of enthusiasm by those around me.  I try to remain inspired.

Before reading Twilight and my resulting immersion into the fandom with routine visits to fan sites, forums, and Google searches I knew nothing of fan fiction.  It would be unseemly to be too critical of the genre, but as a critical reader with thousands of novels under my belt there are only a few I would even consider recommending.  I'd like to recommend the works of Subtlynice!

There is a related point in discussing fan fiction in this post, being mindful that this is a quilting site above all else.  I've discussed inspiration at length.  Even though I'm a self-professed quiltingTwilight-aholic, I still have many moments of panic when I can't seem to muster up the desire to move forward with a project because of a lack of vision or purpose.

Where do I turn when this happens?

I often quilt angry.  I don't really want to discuss this apsect in detail because it doesn't reflect well on me.  The Eclipse Quilt has it's roots embedded in this emotion.

I am more inclined to take joy from the other areas of inspiration that I seek out.  Our motto is:  When the story ends, the quilting magic begins....  Many fans would love for Stephenie Meyer to continue the Twilight series in perpetuity.  Some would be satisfied with the completion and publishing of Midnight Sun.  She seems reluctant to do either.  Many fans have continued to whet their Twilight appetite with fan fiction. The story never has to end with fan fiction.  I especially like those stories written from Edward's perspective. I also like to listen to the movie soundtracks and scores.  I'm inspired by fan art and graphics, too.

The Engagement Ring block has sorely tested me!  I dug out Eclipse to experience that scene through Stephenie Meyer's writing.  I read Uxorious by Subtlynice.  I listened to this My Love by Sia from the Eclipse Soundtrack and remembered that special scene.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

I drafted the ring pattern in EQ5 over the weekend.  I can't wait to piece it now.  I think I'm going to use rhinestones!  I have to do battle with a grizzly bear first, though.....

July 26, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: Oh, So Close to a Finish!

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

I received a Forks T-shirt and a lobster T-shirt in the mail this weekend.  The lobster shirt is as pictured in a previous post--not a three-headed lobster, though.  I considered trying to design one, but my Photoshop skills are non-existent.

One of my blogging BFF's and fellow Twilight fan has generously offered an In and Out shirt for the quilt.  Thank you Elizabeth!  As soon as I receive it, I can finish Row #6 and the quilt top.

I have been researching methods of assembling the quilt top and back.  My main consideration is whether or not I will use a batting between these layers.  I may not use a traditional batting perhaps choosing to use flannel instead.  Some of the T-shirt quilts I have seen are made of just the quilt top and the quilt top without a batting in between.  I also haven't decided on whether or not to machine quilt it or not.

July 24, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Alice's Porsche

Eclipse Quilt:  Alice's Porsche

You're kidnapping me, aren't you?

She laughed and nodded.  Till Saturday.  Esme cleared it with Charlie; you're staying with me two nights, and I will drive you to and from school tomorrow.

I turned my face to the window, my teeth grinding together.

Sorry, Alice said, not sounding the least bit penitent.  He paid me off.

How? I hissed through my teeth.

The Porsche.  It's exactly like the one I stole in Italy.  She sighed happily.  I'm not supposed to drive it around Forks, but if you want, we could see how long it takes to get from here to L.A.--I bed I could have you back by midnight.

I took a deep breath.  I think I'll pass, I sighed, repressing a shudder.

(Eclipse, pp 145-146)

I walked the bike into the Cullens' cavernous garage and was unsurprised to find Alice waiting for me, perched lightly on the hood of her Porsche.  Alice stroked the glossy yellow paint.

I haven't even had a chance to drive it.  She sighed.

(Eclipse, p. 184)
So is it my turn now?

Your turn? his voice sounded confused.

To apologize.

What do you have to apologize for?

Aren't you mad at me? I asked blankly


It sounded like he really meant it.

I felt my eyebrows pull together.  Didn't you see Alice when you got home?


Are you going to take her Porsche back?

Of course not.  It was a gift.

(Eclipse, pp 189-190)

Block Details


The vehicles in the Twilight books have become iconic. Stephenie Meyer has been careful to document the ones she had in mind on her website. The debate has roared on through three movies about Edward's Volvo and the change of model and color. Kellan Lutz (Emmett) would like to take the Cullen's monster Jeep home. I'm sure there are those that can't wait to see Bella's loaner car and the Ferrari in Breaking Dawn. Will Edward toss Jacob the keys to his Aston Martin Vanquish?

Alice's Porsche is featured in Eclipse. It even makes an appearance in the movie.

I had to include it in the quilt!

I decided to do an applique version of Alice's Porsche. (There is a paper piece pattern out there and it was used in the New Moon Quilt.....enough said. The vehicles finish off, though, looking distorted. Until I master drafting paper pieced patterns, I'll probably continue to applique.) I took the Porsche block out for a test drive to get the piecing technique down and the sewing order, etc figured out. I also used some different fabrics in block #1.

The pictured block is the final version.

I printed the Porsche pictured at Stephenie Meyer's site on Dritz Quilting WashAway Foundation Paper, reversing the image and at a width of 6.75". I had cropped the image very close to the car in the image so that at the car would fill at least the width of the block. I appliqued most of the block using the Upside Down Applique method once again. The headlights, hubcaps, mirror, and front black grill parts are fused and sewed on.

I placed the car at an angle to help fill up the block and provide interest. The car height finished at 2.66" with the 6.75" to maintain its aspect ratio.

Eclipse Quilt: Inspiration, continued

While I continue to wait for more T-shirts in the mail, I'll continue with our Inspiration Series of posts.

I am inspired by many different things when I quilt.  The Twilight books themselves have been my main source of inspiration in making the blocks.  I'm also inspired all the time by fabric.  Fabric is the main reason I got into quilting in the first place.  I'm in love with fabric!

The Bella Escapes with Jacob block is an example of how I got inspired by fabric to finish a block.  I had the pattern I was going to use for Bella and Jacob, but I struggled for a long time to find a good background fabric.  I got lucky...

When I saw the movie and the scene that depicted my block, I was thrilled.  The scene had changed from the book, but I still got chills watching the whole thing play out on screen.  I really liked the song that was used, too.  Eastern Conference Champions A Million Miles an Hour.

Warning Eclipse, the movie, spoilers.....

July 21, 2010

Blog Maintenance: Blog Design

I had to change the blog background we were using.  I hope it's only a temporary change.  Cutest Blog on the Block has exceeded their bandwidth at Photobucket so they won't be able to have their work hosted there or something like that.  They have announced that a solution is available and must be implemented by Friday, but it appears that they are also having trouble with their website so I haven't been able to access the solution/new code yet.

I hope "Tin Roof" will still be available!

I are using a Shabby Blogs background, Meadow, for now....

***edited 7/23 Yay!  Cutest Blog on the Block is back!!  Our Tin Roof background has been reinstalled and I am ever so happy....

July 20, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Edward's Bed

(7/20/10, republished because the bed has been remade)

Eclipse Quilt:  Edward's Bed

You are in trouble, I said slowly, empasizing each word.  Enormous trouble.  Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home. ...

(Eclipse, p. 149)

Alice giggled.

It was the same room, I realized quickly; the furniture had just been rearranged.  The couch was pushed to the the north wall and the stereo shoved up against the vast shelves of CDs--to make room for the colossal bed that now dominated the central space.

The southern wall of glass reflected the scene back like a mirror, making it look twice as bad.

It matched.  The coverlet was dull gold just lighter than than the walls; the frame was black, made of intricately patterned wrought iron.  Sculpted metal roses wound in vines up the tall posts and formed a bowery lattice overhead. ...

(Eclipse, p. 150)

His hand curved around my elbow, moving slowly down my arm, across my ribs and over my waist, tracing along my hip and down my leg, around my knee.  He paused there, his hand curling around my calf.  He pulled my leg suddenly, hitching it around his hip. ...

Not to bring ire prematurely, he whispered, but do you mind telling me what it is about this bed that you object to? ...

(Eclipse, p. 186)

Did you change your mind? I asked breathlessly. ...

Don't be ridiculous, Bella, he said disapproval strong in his voice--clearly, he understood what I meant.  I was trying to illustrate the benefits of the bed you don't seem to like.  Don't get carried away.

Too late, I muttered.  And I like the bed, I added. ...

(Eclipse, p. 187)
Block Details:


There had to be a bed block even if it wasn't that exciting to make.  The block might look like another one holding a place in another Eclipse quilt.  I modified a block from Sewhooked, Harry's Bed, and I think the other block was too.  (Fabric that I shared was used, also, adding to the similarity.)  I tried to modify the pattern based upon the description in Eclipse and I also paid attention to the bed in the movie, Eclipse.  I included the curtain on the side and in the back.  I also tried to capture the color of the pillow.

Thank you Twilighters Italia!

Twilighters Italia


I was fortunate to have the bed fabric in my stash.  It has roses and I placed them strategically when I pieced the block. 


**Edited:  Who knew one little bed block would cause so much trouble?  This is bed #3.  Bed #1 was too small.  Bed #2 finished the right size, but I hated the new fabrics I used.  Bed #3 uses the original fabrics, but it finished 1/4" too small.  Quilting can be so frustrating!  I forgot to give myself an extra 1/4" at least when trimming my paper pieced sections with seam allowance.  I only did the required 1/4" seam allowance and I should have added at least 1/4".  I can't make block #4 because I'm out of black rose fabric.  As a result, like Bed #1, I had to add a strip of fabric to the top of the block and then piece another part for the right side.  Oh, well....
Block 1                  Block 2

One might also note that I went ahead and added ribbon embroidered roses on the bed.  I also created a bowery lattice.

Sculpted metal roses wound in vines up the tall posts and formed a bowery lattice overhead. ...

July 17, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: On Order to Finish

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

I left the quilt with five of the six rows completed.  I have budget constraints so I had to wait until this weekend to order the last of the shirts I needed to complete the quilt.  I wanted to include a Forks shirt, a lobster shirt, and a Encinitas shirt.  I had been able to find all the other shirts at Goodwill and Savers.  The Forks shirt because there had to be a Forks shirt in the quilt.  A lobster shirt because a 3-headed lobster is mentioned when talking about the quilt.  Encinitas for the same reason.

Another note:

I would assume from the little information available about the actual movie quilt that it contains novelty shirts from all over the United States, like the souvenir shirt I have been able to confirm as included in the quilt depicting the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab.

When I started making this quilt, I was working under the philosophy that I wanted to include shirts only from where I thought book Bella would have traveled based on what was written.  This, depending upon how you look at it, is conflict with movie Bella Quilt.  However, the entire quilt gift is never mentioned in the book (although it could have happened) so perhaps this is all moot?  Yes, I'm overthinking things.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so discriminating or thought about things a different way, but what's done is done.  This may not be the last Bella T-shirt Quilt I make--maybe the next one will include novelty trip shirts like the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab shirt and the World's Largest Catsup Bottle shirt.  Maybe I'll even be able to find out more information about the actual movie quilt.

The plan is to finish this quilt next week.  I can talk more about a giveaway then.  I honestly don't think that anyone is really interested in a giveaway so this, too, is probably moot.

July 16, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: World's Largest Catsup Bottle

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

Continuing with the series of posts about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt....

Eclipse movie spoiler:

In one of Eclipse's bittersweet moments addressing Bella's turmoil over her decision to leave her human life and those she loves behind, Bella receives a quilt from Renee made from some of their trip shirts.  Renee mentions that it would be nice to add to the quilt.  If I remember correctly, a world's largest catsup bottle is mentioned.

The world's largest catsup bottle is located in Collinsville, Illinois.  There is a website, of course!  The World's Largest Catsup Bottle Official Website and Fan Club

T-shirts are available for purchase along with other merchandise:  Catsup Bottle Merchandise

July 15, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: World's Largest Horseshoe Crab

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

If I had to guess on the number of visitors I've had on the blog since Eclipse opened in theaters searching for Bella's T-Shirt Quilt or some derivative of that search, like people looking for the actual quilt or the shirts used, I would estimate we've had at least 300 hits from all over the world.  I've even had people comment to promote their businesses and to direct traffic to their sites, offering T-Shirt quiltmaking services.

There seems to be a lack of information about the actual movie quilt itself.  I have half a mind to contact Summit Entertainment directly and ask for info.  I wonder how far I'd get?  I'm a fan on Melissa Rosenberg's FB site and have posted a plea for more info from her with no response....  Was the quilt her idea?

I was surprised to receive an email from Jim Rankin who represents World's Largest Horseshoe Crab in Blanchester, Ohio.  We've been corresponding with each other by email the past couple of days.  If I understand his information correctly, two quilts were made for the movie.  Four shirts crab shirts were used in two quilts.  He has been inundated with requests for shirts and any information that he has about the quilt itself, including the other shirts used.  He doesn't have any more info and only has a partial photo of the area that includes the crab shirt.

Here is a link to a news story about the crab shirt being included in the quilt in Eclipse.

A photo of the tourist attraction:

The good news is that the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab shirts are available for purchase.  The shirts are $15/each.  Profits from the sale of the shirts are applied to the costs of maintaining the grounds around the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab site.  Please contact Jim at crosspointmedia@hotmail.com to order your shirt today!

July 14, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: Poll Closed

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

The poll has ended in which we put forth some ideas for what to do with Bella's T-Shirt Quilt that I am making.  Ten people voted and "Host a Giveaway" won decisively.

I'm fine with that, but there will be some strings attached.

There is no way I want to experience any of the messiness or legalities that would be involved in running a raffle, but I'd still like to see the quilt have more benefits attached to it than the pleasure of making it and the thrill of giving it away to someone.

Here is what we are proposing:

1) You help me pick or, at least, perhaps agree in principal on an organization to receive donations in conjunction with the Bella's T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway.

For instance, perhaps the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.  They have a FB page and accept donations through PayPal.

I am thinking WOLVES here and their Twilight Saga connection.

2) The donation would NOT be required to enter our Giveaway nor will proof of donation be required or considered when drawing the winner, but I would hope that those that participate would enter to WIN and voluntarily make a donation of any amount to the organization we decide upon.

I hope that this type of Giveaway doesn't seem to contrived or illogical.  I have participated in fundraisers such as this.  One may have "entered" to win a contest for an organization.  Tickets to win were free with no purchase required, but the organization accepted any donations that the person receiving the ticket felt like giving.  My daughter's club held a car wash a couple of month's ago.  The car wash was free, but they accepted donations and most people felt the service they received was worth something and made a donation to support the organization and reward its participants for their hard work.

Let me know what you think!  I will be finishing the quilt within the next week or so.  It could conceivably be ready for a giveaway by August 1, 2010.

July 13, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: Inspiration, continued

Warning Eclipse spoiler....

The Fight Training sequence in Eclipse was just plain fun to watch!

The song that was featured during the scene was perfect, too, and has become one of my favorites from the the Eclipse Soundtrack.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

My block was inspired by the book, of course.  It's set in the middle of night, but the scene from the movie is set in the daytime.  The blocks we've made are inspired by the book, but it will be hard not to be inspired and take the movie into consideration with making the remaining blocks.

Eclipse Quilt:  Fight Training/"Instruction"

July 12, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: An Example of Inspiration

Warning Eclipse spoiler..........

Isn't this the cutest scene from Eclipse?  (It was posted on my favorite site for Eclipse info, EclipseMovie.)

I got my inspiration for Eclipse Quilt: Birds and the Bees block from Eclipse, the book, but it was one of the scenes I was looking forward to and am glad was included in the movie!

Eclipse Quilt:  Birds and the Bees

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: Poll

I have a Poll in the Sidebar to the right....

Please vote and help me decide what to do with Bella's T-Shirt Quilt!  You have (1) more day to vote!!

I will be purchasing a couple of more shirts this week--probably one from Forks and one more that I'm hoping to get some feedback on:

Please comment with a link of one T-shirt that you think should be added to Bella's T-Shirt Quilt.

This is what it looks like so far:

**click picture to enlarge in another window

One more row will be added.  I have included some novelty shirts and some shirts from Arizona, California, and New Mexico only as those are shirts that I could find at my Goodwill and Savers.  Oh, and the Switzerland shirt that I couldn't resist including even if I am Team Edward.

The plan is for me to do the quilting, but I may send it to a longarm quilter if the price is right.

July 10, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: The Rest of the Story

Eighteen blocks have been completed. I vow to make this the best Eclipse Quilt ever.  I would love to include every single moment from the book, but I just can't.  I'm pleased that I've been able to be so creative and feel like I'm going to be able to include most of the important moments in Eclipse in one form or another.

I'm also very pleased by the quality of our work and the many ways in which I've challenged myself with new techniques. How easy it would be to just paper piece all the blocks or to not care how things look as long as they get done?  I'm not that type of quilter!  I think it's also because I'm invested in making this quilt the best ever.  One doesn't have to be an expert quilter or to have quilted for a long time to be able to be a masterful quilter.  Even though I'm and experienced quilter I don't profess to know it all or insist that things be done a certain way.  My example is my work.

I respect the Twilight and quilting too much not to do my best.....

I solicited opinions in our Eclipse Prize Pack Giveaway about blocks that needed to be included in the quilt.

1) Dianne wants us to be sure that we include an Eclipse block.

2) Melissa wants us to consider the engagement ring, Bella's red shirt, Jasper's story, the Tent Scene with sleeping bag, the Third Wife, Alice's Porsche, and the burning newborns.

3) Megan also suggested the engagement ring.  She says the charm bracelet is a must.  She also wanted a block to represent Bella punching Jake.


I've completed the charm bracelet block and made a block for The Punch.

I'm also tickled that I had already considered all the other blocks mentioned!  What does this mean?  It means that great minds think alike!!!!

I'm going about things a little backwards, but I'm hoping it will all work out.  There was no way that 20ish blocks were going to be enough to properly tell the story.  I didn't want to  limit myself with lack of desire or other excuses either.  I vow to make the number of blocks I end up with work and refuse to eliminate too many because they won't fit into a pre-designed quilt top.

On my list to make:

1) Porsche
2) Edward's Bed
3) Grizzly Bear (Emmett's representation and Rosalie's redemption)
4) Bella's Red Shirt
5) Quileute Legends/Bonfire (Third Wife, Knife, and Cold One)
6) Seattle Newspaper/Newborn Army
7) Jasper's Story
8) Seth and Leah
9) Engagement Ring (with black roses incorporated)
10) Tent Scene
11) Bella's Broken Heart (after Jacob's kiss)
12) Volturi
13) Bree's Story
14) Carlise Treats Jacob (probably a medical bag)
15) Meadow Scene
16) Wedding Invitation
18) Jacob as wolf

I'd also like to make something for Riley, but I'm stumped and it might mean another block would have to go.

It's time to get back at it!

Bella's T-shirt Quilt: Rows 4 and 5

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

Bella's T-shirt Quilt:  Rows 1-4 of 6

I hit Savers yesterday afternoon and purchased more shirts.  Savers' prices were better as I found many $.99 shirts in the men's section.  I was there for about an hour shopping all the sections shirt by shirt.  The racks were stuffed so this wasn't an easy job....  I have enough shirts to complete  Row 5 and most of Row 6.  I could have bought enough shirts to finish the quilt, but I wanted to save a couple of openings for a Forks shirt and maybe something else.  If I can be patient enough, I will order a couple of shirts next week.

I will probably update this entry later today as I continue to work on the quilt.  The quilt is going together amazingly well.  The only thing I might go back and do is double stitch the intersecting seams to reinforce them.  I am noticing that the stitching becomes visible when the seams pull a little.  I probably should have used a shorter stitch length.  (**edited, yes one should shorten up that stitch length)

I have placed a poll in the Sidebar to the right.  Please vote and help me decide what to do with this quilt when it's done!

**edited 4:00 p.m.

Bella's T-shirt Quilt:  Rows 1-5 of 6

I may order this shirt for Forks, WA.  It's simple, but who cares? The price is right!

I haven't been able to find a 3-headed lobster shirt.  Maybe I'll have to design my own?

July 9, 2010

Eclipse Prize Pack Giveaway: And the winner is.......

And the winner is......


Thank you to everyone for stopping by and taking the time to enter the giveaway.....

But, most of all, thank you for taking an interest in our little group! I appreciate visitors!! I hope to see you back here soon!!!

July 8, 2010

Eclipse Prize Pack Giveaway: Help Me Play Fair....

The deadline to enter the Eclipse Prize Pack Giveaway was 7/7 at 11:59 p.m.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter!!!!!!!!!

I haven't drawn the winner yet.  I didn't forget!!

I want to make sure I'm not missing anyone or the number of your entries.  I need your help.  It seems like I'm not very good at running a contest. 

Sissy (Elizabeth), 6 entries

Chantel, 1 entry

Dianne, 4 entries

Melissa, 3 entries

Megan, 4 entries

Jennifer, 3 entries

Please correct me if I'm wrong.....

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I will post the winner in a separate post.  Your prizes will mail by 7/16.  The quilt kit will probably mail directly from Connecting Threads as I don't think it makes sense to have it mailed to me and then mail it to the winner.  I will mail the book and CD directly.

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: Row 3

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

Bella's T-shirt Quilt:  3 of 6 Rows

We continue our quest to complete a T-shirt Quilt like Bella's in Eclipse, the movie.  Three of the six rows have been sewn together.  I couldn't resist using the Switzerland shirt even though the original plan was to only use shirts from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington.  (Bella tells Edward in New Moon before her trip to Italy that she'd only been as far east as New Mexico.)  I think I may even send for a Forks shirt and maybe a couple fun shirts like the 3-headed lobster shirt or a giant ketchup bottle shirt.

If you aren't a quilter and aren't ready to make a T-shirt Quilt on your own, there are quilters and quilting businesses that do commissioned work.  I can't vouch for any of them so I'm not going to mention any of them by name, but if you search online you will be able to find them easily enough.  I even saw one that is offering a "Twilight Discount" through the end of July.  One simply sends the quilter or company shirts and the quilt is made from them.  One might also research local quilt shops because they usually have people on staff that take on commissioned work or will have a list of contacts of people that do.  For instance, one of my favorite local shops has an employee who specializes in making commissioned T-Shirt quilts. I would expect to pay $150.00 to $250.00 (or more if larger than the lap-size/throw-size quilt) to have this type of quilt made depending upon the size of the quilt, design, and type of quilting desired.

A T-shirt quilt is really supposed to be a memory-type of quilt made of shirts one has collected .  If you're like me and don't have any shirts on hand, but still want to have a quilt like Bella's in spirit try shopping Goodwills, thrift stores, and garage sales.  (**Tip:  Examine the shirts closely for stains...I purchased and cut up a couple of purchased shirts before I realized they were stained.)  Don't be afraid to ask family and friends for shirts, too.  If budget isn't an issue, buy new shirts to include in your quilt.

July 7, 2010

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt: Poll

I've added a poll in the blog Sidebar to help us decide what to do with Bella's T-shirt quilt when it's finished next week.

Do you have an opinion?  Please vote....

If you have another idea, feel free to comment.

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

July 6, 2010

Bella's T-shirt Quilt: Row 2

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

My impatience led me to visit another Goodwill today.  I wish I could have paid the store in fabric which I have plenty of, but don't need for this quilt .  I think I found some good ones.  I even scored a Switzerland shirt.  Should I use it?  The Woody Woodpecker shirt is a stretch and so is the "half-listening as usual" shirt, but I like the Wolves shirt....

I have enough shirts for Row #3 and four shirts for row #4.  I'll need 11 more shirts.  I put out the call all around, but no takers.  I even asked my daughter to ask her friends.

I had to stop with Row #2 because I'm out of interfacing.  I need eight more yards.  I'll have used 12 yards when I'm done.  The interfacing is only 20" wide so that is why I need so much.

So, what should I do with this quilt when I'm done?  Everyone is looking for one......

July 5, 2010

Bella's T-shirt Quilt: Row 1

(Please note: There are more posts in this series about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt. I am making a quilt like Bella's. See the Sidebar on the right for list of related posts as I document my progress.)

Eclipse movie still.

Bella's mom gives Bella a gift, a T-shirt quilt made from their old trip T-shirts, when she visits her mom in Florida.  (Quilters know that one of the most wonderful gifts that can be given to anyone is a quilt!)  I've had so many visitors on this blog of people looking for Bella's quilt....

I only had enough shirts for one row of the quilt.  I'm going to look at the the Goodwill and Savers that are close to my house and maybe some garage sales next weekend.  My offer still stands to trade for shirts, too.  I need 25 more.

I prepared the remaining four shirts with interfacing.  I also cut them into their 12.5" squares (12" finished).  The shirts seem stabilized enough, but still retained their drapablility.

Here are some pictures:

Cutting the shirt apart.

Squaring the shirt prepared with interfacing to 12.5"

I had no difficulties sewing the shirt blocks together.  I normally don't backstitch, but I did with these blocks.  (**EDITED**  I would also recommend shortening your stitch length.  I should have used a 2.0 on my machine.)  The added thickness of the shirts backed with interfacing wasn't too bad to sew through.  I may decide to press the seams open but for now I pressed them all to the right.  (**EDITED**  The quilter I used told me that it is best to press all the seams open because it cuts down on the bulk of the seams, especially at the intersecting seams between the rows, and creates less issues when quilting.)

Row #1 is done.  I may have gotten away with a 4 blocks by 5 blocks quilt, but I liked the extra inches when I tested the size of Row #1 around my shoulders.  I was worried that I would regret not sashing the blocks, but sewing the blocks together went really well without any complications.  The interfacing stablized the blocks well and I didn't experience any stretching of the shirt blocks.

This post brought to you in part by Patchwork Times Design Wall Mondays!

July 4, 2010

Eclipse Quilt: "Unhappy Ending"/Rosalie's Story

Eclipse Quilt:  "Unhappy Ending"/Rosalie's Story

... I'm going to try to tell you why I think you should stay human--why I would stay human if I were you. ...

... Did Edward ever tell you what led to this? she asked, gesturing to her glorious immortal body. ...

... Would you like to hear my story, Bella?  It doesn't have a happy ending--but which of ours does?  If we had happy endings, we'd all be under gravestones now. ...

... I won't make you listen to the rest, she said quietly.  They left me in the street, still laughing as they stumbled away.  They thought I was dead.  They were teasing Royce that he would have to find a new bride.  He laughed and said he'd have to learn some patience first. ...

... Shallow as I was, I felt better when I saw my reflection in the ther mirror the first time.  Despite the eyes, I was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. ...

... I saved Royce for last.  I hoped that he would hear of his friends' deaths and understand, know what was coming for him. ...

... I was overly theatrical.  It was kind of childish, really.  I wore a wedding dress I'd stolen for the occasion.  He screamed when he saw me.  He screamed a lot that night.  Saving him for last was a good idea--it made it easier for me to control myself, to make it slower-- ...

... But you still don't like me, I whispered.

Her smile faded.  I'm sorry about that.

We sat in silence for a moment, and she didn't seem inclined to go on.

Would you tell me why?  Did I do something...?  Was she angry that I'd put her family--her Emmett--in danger?  Time and Time again.  James, and now Victoria...

No, you haven't done anything, she mumured.  Not yet.

I stared at her perplexed.

Don't you see, Bella?  Her voice was suddenly more passionate than before, even while she'd told her unhappy story.  You already have everything.  You have a whole life ahead of you --everything I want.  And you're going to just throw it away.  Can't you see that I'd trade everything I have to be you?  You have the choice that I didn't have, and you're choosing wrong! ...

... We weren't friends yet, but I was pretty sure she wouldn't always hate me so much.

(Eclipse, pp 152-168)

Block Details:

Rosalie's story is very complex.  Yes, she's vain and shows open disdain for Bella until Breaking Dawn...  But, she's certainly more than a pretty face, or not even that, in a poorly constructed cracked mirror block.

When I read Eclipse again to get quilt block ideas and refamiliarize myself with the story before seeing the movie, I realized I had forgotten many of the details.  Snap!  Wedding dress..... and her looking at her reflection in the mirror.  I'm so grateful that Rosalie's story was portrayed in the movie.  Nikki Reed's performance was awesome!  Theatrical....  and Rosalie wore a wedding dress when she went to dispatch Royce!

I used the purchased Paper Panache
pattern for Rosalie, the bride.  I reduced it in size so it would finish 3.25"" x 7".  I wanted the dress to be more conservative to reflect Rosalie's era so I used white fabric for the sleeves and shoulders instead of flesh-colored fabric as shown in the pattern.  I chose not to draw the face.  I used a sparkle tulle fabric for the veil, placing it in the seam before sewing the sections.  I also attached ribbon roses instead of using a floral fabric for the bouquet.  I didn't add the ribbon as suggested by the pattern.

The mirror is a modified version of Connie Tessier's Harry Potter Mirror of Erised pattern that is hosted at Sewhooked.  I cropped the top of the pattern to suit my purposes and edited in a photo editing program so that the mirror would finish 3.75"x 7". I scanned Rosalie, cropped the image, reversed the image, and then printed it faintly on photo fabric. I used this image on fabric as the "mirror" part of the mirror block.

 I chose the rose background fabric with purpose. Roses because Royce sent a bouquet of roses to Rosalie when he first noticed her and routinely after that. Also, roses for "Rosalie".

 The bride section and the mirror sections were pieced together to finish the block.