June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday: Twilight (Mystery) Quilt

I'm still trying to get over the computer being broken at home.  My husband now thinks the CPU is shot?!  I don't know what that means except that it beeps in alarm when turned on and doesn't work!  I'm still fretting that all might be lost.  I really hope not!

I couldn't work on any of my patterns this weekend as a result.....  I'm debating whether or not to try loading EQ7 on my dinosaur of a laptop or at another not to be named place.  Since I created the first versions of the patterns by hand, all isn't lost and it wouldn't be too much work to import the drawings and trace in EQ7 again if I were to load EQ7 on another computer.  I was working on the instructions for the paper piecing version of Section 6 and Section 8 after making a test version in fabric, but I hadn't finished them so they didn't get uploaded to Wordpress.  I don't have the energy to recreate them right now.  I'm pretty frustrated and I am trying to stay motivated.

I always wish that I could get more done.  I'm sure my husband thinks I'm being silly about making these quilts based upon his comments.  I wish people would just be more supportive of my endeavors and not try to drag me down so much, especially since I do such a good job of that on my own.  What difference does it make if I'm making three quilts and doing this project?!  Who am I hurting?  I'm not letting the house go to pot, etc!

This is my design wall today:

The blocks on the left are the first version I made.  The two red fabrics don't have much contrast, although a bit better than the picture shows.  I had started paper piecing the blocks, but then I decided to provide traditional piecing instructions so it also contains some of those blocks.  (I think I'm going to use this version for the quilt that I'm going to use movie pictures printed on fabric for the feature blocks.)  The blocks on the right are actually the second time I tried and all the blocks were traditionally pieced.  I've decided it's my favorite because I really like the fabrics I used and they have enough contrast.  The middle version contains all paper pieced blocks.  I used fabrics that looked like satin from the same line with good contrast.  This version is my son's favorite.  Paper piecing the blocks is a quicker method in my opinion.

I started work on Section 1 last night:

I'm running out of design wall space so I had to put this section on top of the ribbon blocks.  The blocks are traditionally pieced using some shortcut methods so I didn't have to use templates.  The section consists of the Twilight Book Cover/Twilight Hands block at 11" with 1/2" sash on all four sides set in the middle of some checkerboard blocks with a pieced ribbon effect.  The blocks are really easy to make and will be even easier to make from paper piecing patterns.

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  1. i dunno anything about computers, but CPU sounds ominous just cuz it's an acronym ...... i still haven't recovered the pictures and my course homework from our old hard drive - and it's been a year since i've had the nerve to even plug it in ... i don't think EQ7 is gonna like an old computer - my understanding is that it takes up a lotta memory ... really, really, REALLY sucks...


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