June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday: Twilight (Mystery) Quilt 6/27/11

Thank goodness for a working computer and lunch time.....at work!

I've used a lot of printer ink so I'm not sure how many more I can print before having to purchase another  color cartridge.....on Thursday.  I've not done a lot of printing photos on fabric so I'm learning as I go.  I can tell that I need to figure some things out to see if it's just me or the way it is.  I edited the picture to be square for printing.  The picture above is my third printed.  I was an idiot and printed the first one without considering seam allowance at 7".  It also printed wonky on the fabric for some reason and wasn't square when I peeled the backing off to soak in cold water.  I printed the next picture at 8", but it was too big--I did so with the idea of squaring it up to 7.5" but I lost too much of the photo.  The third was printed at 7.5" and I squared it up to be able to be used as a block.  I had to be careful to square it up so that none of the white photo fabric would be included in the finished block.

The printed quality is not that wonderful....  The picture has a lot of dark colors and I don't think that helps.  I am curious to see if I would get different results from Bubble Jet Set 2000 treated fabric.  I'm using Printed Treasures photo fabric sheets for their convenience.

It also occurred to me that if I were going to make another quilt with photos instead of pieced blocks, I would scale down the quilt by making the blocks smaller.  I think smaller blocks would help with the graininess of the photos on fabric.  I don't even want to think about that right now.  I'm having a tough enough time finishing the instructions for this size.....

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