June 13, 2011

Destructions...I Mean, Instructions

The funniest thing about the Twilight (Mystery) Quilt is me writing instructions for anyone else.

I rarely follow instructions when I make a quilt.  I've gotten in trouble more times than I can count with this bad habit, but it's more frustrating for me to use instructions than it is for me to not and correct any mistakes I make along the way.

I can usually look at a quilt, see its parts and make it from there.

The other thing that is hindering my process is that I rarely traditionally piece anything any more.  I look at blocks and make patterns in EQ7 for the simplest of block parts, including Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese.  I don't have to worry so much about measurements as long as my pattern prints the right size, I'm good to go.  I know that I'm in the minority so I've made extreme efforts to make diagrams and write instructions for traditional piecing of the quilt.  I couldn't not use shortcuts, though, and have blocks finish oversized to be squared up.

While doing all this work, I'm wondering if it's all worth it.  What is the purpose?  Am I doing it just for me?!

I'm not complaining....  I'm just not one to keep things bottled up inside.

Step One has been tested.  If there are errors, I'm not seeing them or I'm blind to them even after proofreading and physically making the part of the quilt from the instructions.

Step One (Section 6 and Section 7) **edited 7/6/11

I could end up with three quilts by the time all is said and done because I'm making the quilts with real fabric.  I might as well, right?  It's not like I don't think I can find homes for them.  I could even keep one for myself--now there's a thought.

I'll keep moving forward.  I'm working on another section right now.  I'm actually learning alot and so much so that I think I would even be able to complete a setting for the Eclipse Quilt that I never finished.  I'd sure hate for all those blocks to go to waste!

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