June 13, 2011

Lion and Lamb: To be Tested

I wouldn't mind knowing what you think......

For anyone who thinks that they can't do this, please don't sell yourself short!

I started with this picture:

I figured out the best place to place my first line to cut the block in half and then kept dividing it up.  I tried to keep as much detail as I could because that's my thing. I used a pencil and ruler for this step.

When I was happy, I drew over the lines using a Sharpie and ruler. I scanned the picture and then cropped it. Next, I imported it into EQ7 and traced my lines. This was the easy part. I didn't like how the lion looked on the lower left side--them mane was bugging me. I kept adding lines and editing until I got it to look okay to me. I also had to tweak the lamb's left eye a bit. I think I spent more time figuring out the fabrics. The lion in the picture is in more orange shades. I decided on golds instead.

I haven't tried to number yet.  I think it will work.  If I do run into any issues, I think they will be easy to fix. If I let EQ7 number it for me, this is what it looks like--mirror image for paper piecing:

(image only)

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  1. you come up with some of the most beautiful things!! I dunno, if...me@58yrs old...have the patience to try it. But, nonetheless...it's really a work of art!



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