June 7, 2011

A Lion and a Lamb

Can I be honest?  I am so frustrated right now.  Only the love I feel and my stubborn nature are keeping me going.  But, designing the blocks for the Twilight (Mystery) quilt may just send me over the edge.  I knew there was a reason that I like to use other people's patterns.  I don't think I have the stamina to design.  Sure, I love the feeling of satisfaction when I finally accomplish something but the journey is usually way to difficult....

Case in point is the lion and the lamb block.  I have saved about 20 lion and lamb pictures and drawings to make a paper piecing pattern of which I've narrowed down to about eight that I like the positioning of the lion and the lamb.  I know I should have started off with an easier block to get back into the mindset of divide and conquer that is needed to take a picture or drawing and divide it up into a pattern.   Below are some of my efforts.  I think I need to just pick one and focus on it.

I get so far and then I get overwhelmed mostly by the faces and the lamb or I find another picture I like and think will be easier or better.

I wouldn't mind someone chiming in to be the voice of reason......


  1. i've got nuttin, hunny - your mad pattern skills are far beyond what i would ever attempt...

  2. I love the one that says peace on it


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