June 16, 2011

The Meadow: Work in Progress

I'm loving summer!  I was up until 2:00 the other morning sewing and taking first run at The Meadow pattern.  I was very tired last night, though, and ended up going to bed pretty early.  I still managed to get the drawing into EQ7 for my first run there.  I'm looking forward to the day when I will be confident enough to start in EQ instead of doing a version by hand first, although I've been working on things like this by hand while hanging out at my kids' baseball practices so I might never.

I know I've described my process before, but I thought I would again in this post to give me something to do to kill the time at my day job.

First of all, I was very leery of even trying to do The Meadow as a paper piecing pattern because of Edward and Bella.  I think people are just hard, expecially if the pattern isn't just the face and the block is smallish!  The bigger the block, the more detail and easier it is.  Faces and hands are difficult regardless.  Most of the patterns I've seen have the people with blank faces and undefined hands.  The Meadow by Cat Magraith.  Why not just use that pattern?  Long story.....  Christine Thresh also has patterns with people.  Then, there is my block Wedding Dance block that I made for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt from a Quilts with Style pattern. 

I decided to try to make a pattern from the Twilight Graphic Novel book jackets since the second book was recently revealed with Edward on the cover.

I did try to include the hands, but then I gave up....

I decided to edit the photo by cropping part of the arms and hands out.  I put the photos back together and tried again.

Hand sectioned:

In EQ7:

With fabrics--I made some errors so it needs editing:

But, what am I going to do about their faces?

Blank.....creepy or not?  In fabric....maybe--really tough.  I've been wanting to try embroidery, colored pencils, and paints--something to think about.

Funny story:

I was at a quilt store close to my house yesterday.  I admit to needing a fabric fix.  This store is a good place for impulse shopping as it doesn't cost as much:  $5/yd for resale fabric.  I was asked if I might be interested in taking a paper piecing class.  I had a good laugh.  I told the ladies that I was an avid paper piecer and that I was trying to design some of my own patterns.  I was told that if I was every interested in selling any to let them know.  I would never even try.....

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  1. fabric faces can be soooo creepy - especially up close - and the block is so small ... embroidery might work, but it could make them look really, really scary, too ... maybe fabric pens? i dunno...

    i really like that Edward's face has that brow/nose profile thing going on ... and the lion and lamb are waaay cool!


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