June 17, 2011

Not SO Off Topic: Harry Potter Quilt Patterns and Tutorial

I have many sources of inspiration for quilting....  I've mentioned them many a time before:  Silver Linings Originals, Ruth B. McDowell, and Cynthia England.

I missed the boat on Harry Potter.  The books came and out and the craze began before I realized that it was okay as an adult to read them.  I've read up to Order of the Phoenix and had intended to finish the series before the final movie came out, but I've been distracted by other things.  My sister is a huge fan and would love a quilt, but I'm so caught up in other projects and my time is so limited that I keep putting off making a quilt.

I have no need to make my own patterns because there are some amazing ones already available!  Fandom in Stitches has been mentioned before.  One of the associated designers, Connie, is an excellent resource.  Her blocks are designed with a lot of detail which I like.  Her page on how she designs her patterns was the final piece of information that boosted my confidence to a level that got me believing that I could make my own Twilight paper piecing patterns.  Her site has been saved in my sidebar for months, but here is the link and her Harry Potter patterns.

Connie has just completed an amazing tutorial page for paper piecing!

I don't think I'll be able to resist making a Harry Potter quilt much longer......

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