June 30, 2011

Section 3: New Moon

No sewing last night.....at baseball until 9:30!  My daughter's team lost 16-18 with her striking out to end the game.  Heartbreaking!  She went 1-3, good by baseball standards, but she was still pretty upset.  Her coach put her in the lead-off postion based upon her performance in her last game and she was a nervous wreck.  I tried to tell her that her team had plenty of chances to win the game and that she was part of a team, but she was pretty inconsolable.  It didn't help that one of her teammates took her hat as their own when she left it on the bench to go bat and she ended up with someone else's sweaty hat.  She may be playing baseball with the boys, but she's still a girly girl.....

I still don't have a computer at home.  I'm also pretty down about things.  If I didn't feel obligated, I don't know if I'd finish this journey.  I have to keep telling myself that I'm quilting for me ultimately, but it's hard to fool yourself 24-7.

Section 3 will feature three New Moon blocks.  Pictures in place of pieced blocks in the version of the quilt I'm making due to circumstances.  I have a home in mind for this quilt so all is not lost.

I think I've settled on using these pictures:

I tried to find a good picture of the Volturi scene, but I can't. Unless I feel like firing up the laptop and trying to get a good screen capture from the movie, I will use this picture:

or maybe this one as such a rectangular picture poses printing challenges....

I do so love Charlie Bewley as Demetri!

Or, maybe this one:

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