June 5, 2011

Some Housekeeping: Twilight (Mystery) Quilt

I have added a Twilight (Mystery) Quilt Page underneath the header.  I will continue to post on the main blog, but I will also place all information on the page.

I have also figure out another way to host .pdf files on another site for easier access other than at Scribd.  The Twilight Hands Book Cover Pattern documents will still be available at Scribd, but future documents will be hosted at the new site.  The new links are listed below:

Twilight Hands Book Cover Pattern Information

Twilight Hands Book Cover Pattern, not separated, 8x8

Twilight Hands Book Cover Pattern, separated, 8x8


  1. perfect - the separated page came right up for me - woo hoo!!!

  2. looks great thanks :) Have you seen the Breaking Dawn trailer that come out today !!! Irk it was amazing.

  3. @Sarah


    The movie feels that much more real and not so far away with a trailer.

    It IS AMAZING!!!!!!!


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