June 17, 2011

A Twilight Quilting Weekend

I'm planning on working on as much Twilight quilting as I can cram into the weekend.  I don't have a baseball practice tonight to go to.  My weekend is pretty clear except for Father's Day.  I will be doing a bit of cooking for my husband.


I have the Lion and Lamb pattern to work on.  I want to work on the lion's mane a bit more by moving some of the lines around.  I'm dying to test the pattern.  I picked up some fabrics at the resale quilt shop I visited the other day that I'm going to use.  The Meadow pattern needs a lot of work!  I'm not liking Bella's hair.  I'm having the same issues with her hair as I'm having with the lion's mane.

I purchased more white fabric for the Twilight (Mystery) version that uses paper piecing patterns for the Pyramid blocks that make up the Eclipse Broken Ribbon border.  I think that I am going to write the instructions for this version of the quilt to include the extra row of blocks so that I can have four more of the featured blocks for a total of 16.  I'll have to find some black fabric in my stash.  I was shocked to see prices creeping up to $11.35/yd at my quilt store yesterday.

I will also be working on the other two test quilts and completing the instructions for the next section that features the Twilight Book Cover (Twilight Hands) block, Section 1.

I can see that when all is said and done that I will probably make some changes to the sectioning of the quilt and the instructions for a final version of the pattern.  This sounds ominous, but anyone working along with me know as I make the quilt and post instructions will have a good quilt.  There are things I would do and write differently, though, for a final version.  The results will be the same!

I have fallen in love with a quilt called Counterpoint.  I saw it made up at a quilt store yesterday and purchased the pattern.  (More examples of the quilt at Robert Kaufman's site.)  I'm toying with using the Volturi Midnight Ball (Spoonflower) fabric in it.  I'm with everyone else that I wish I would make up my mind!

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