July 29, 2011

Computer Quilting: Bella and Edward's Wedding Quilt

I've been itching to get back to finishing the Twilight Mystery Quilt, but I'm still tied up making the quilt for my daughter's boyfriend.  I have at least a week's worth of work to do on it and a deadline to keep so I have to keep sewing for it to the exclusion of sewing anything else.

I have a bit of time to kill at work so I might as well put it to good use doing some quilting on the computer.

I haven't given up making a wedding quilt in honor of Bella and Edward's marriage.  I had a pattern picked out a long time ago and even purchased one, but I never started the project.  I wasn't thrilled with the traditional methods required to piece it so that is probably the reason I didn't start it.  Maybe I've been inspired to get back to the project after viewing----no matter how crappy the platform---the Comic Con 2011 featured honeymoon clip from Breaking Dawn?!

I'm a paper piecer at heart above all else.  I got to thinking that there was no reason why I couldn't covert the Wedding Ring block into a totally paper pieced block.  The pattern I had been thinking of using had paper pieced ring only.  The thought of learning curved piecing, no matter how many assurances out there that it's easier than it looks, was enough to scare me away from the method.  I have many paper piecing design heros, including Linda Causee.  I used to have her book, 24 Quilting Blocks You Never Dreamed You Could Paper Piece, in my library.  I remembered that the book featured some blocks that had curves in them and I got to thinking.

I'm off to covert this block into a paper pieced block:

I think I can, I think I can.......

July 25, 2011

T-Shirt Quilts

This blog still gets quite a few visitors looking for information about Bella's T-Shirt Quilt from Eclipse, the movie.  I made a version months ago.  Links and information remain in the blog Sidebar, including links for most of the shirts that were used in the movie quilt from Destee-Nation.  (I haven't tested the links lately so I'm not sure about availability.)

Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs has a good video and pattern for T-Shirt quilts.  (I'm not associated with the company, nor have I ever purchased from the company.)  If you're still thinking about making a T-shirt quilt like Bella's, you might want to check the site out.

July 23, 2011

Tulip: Test

Above is my first tulip applique test.  I'm please with the result, but I will probably tweak the process a bit and maybe some of the fabrics. (I used batiks because the edges are not covered in thread for all the reds and they fray minimally.  The white fabric is a quilting cotton.  I got some shadowing of the red fabric underneath in some areas so I would consider doubling up the white fabric.)  I really got confused sewing the tulip the way I did.  I also think that achieving consistency will be difficult using the method I used and it will also be difficult to share for others to use.  I may abandon it for those reasons and try another method similar to the one I tried to use to make the Edward Cullen fabric portrait.

This is how I made the tulip:

I took the New Moon book cover (special edition white version) tulip image, cropped it with image editing software, reversed the image (because I will be sewing on the actual image with the fabrics on the unprinted side) and changed it to a greyscale image (mainly so I could get some definition and not lose the white parts of the tulip on the edges), printed it on paper so that the tulip was about 7" high keeping the aspect ratio, and then took a Sharpie to it to define the sections.

I made a copy of the original sectioned tulip and correctly scaled onto Dritz WashAway Foundation Paper .  The paper is supposed to dissolve in 10 seconds.  My plan is to sew the applique and then soak it so that the paper dissolves....I think.....or I could even just leave it attached after cutting most of it away so that it acts almost as a stabilizer?

One of the difficult parts was figuring which parts of the tulip should appear on top or the forefront of the tulip in fabric because those are sewed last.

The method is almost like paper piecing because I actually sewed on the lines.  After sewing a section, I took my curved scissors and cut as close to the sewed line as I could--like within 1/16" or closer.

I kept adding and sewing the sections to build the tulip.

When I was done, I cut the paper away following the edge of the tulip carefully with my scissors.

It was my plan to sew the tulip's edges down and embellish with a little bit of thread painting to a attach it to the quilt top in position.

It may be awhile before I get back to another test or just deciding to make x3 additional...or x4 new.  I've been begged to make a quilt for my daughter's boyfriend for college at the last minute so my attention will be consumed by that for a couple of weeks.

July 21, 2011

Process: Tulips

I've been thinking and developing a strategy to make the four tulips that I had planned for the quilt.  My week has been busy and filled with drama so I haven't done much more than that.  I quilt when I'm happy.  I can quilt when I'm angry, but I find it hard to quilt when I'm sad.

My plan is to print the tulip to size on a foundation sheet, tearaway or wash away, in reverse and then build the tulip using a modified version of  the Upside Down Applique method.  I think I have fabric on hand, but I have to find it.  I want to use batiks because they don't fray as much and they're thinner.

I can honestly say that I'm at the point where I just want to finish this quilt.  It may be my last project here.  I'm being pulled in so many directions and I'm going crazy.  I may need to take a break and focus on just one thing for awhile:  working on my house.

July 18, 2011

Pressing Matters and Other Problems

In constructing my test quilt, I know I've made some errors in the patterns I've posted.

Don't be alarmed!

I don't think I really should be all that concerned as I don't think anyone is making it but me, but I'm pretty annoyed that I can't get it right and that something I've put out there for someone else might cause someone stress.

The errors are in the pressing instructions only.  I know there are many places where the instructions say to press one way, but it would be best to press another direction.  I am trying to fix things....

I also know that Step 3 Section 2 isn't loading for some reason.  I think there might be a broken link or something to where the file is being hosted.  I'm going to try to get it fixed tonight.

July 17, 2011

Twilight Mystery Quilt: Ready for Applique

I sewed Section 1-3 together today.  I also sewed Section 7 (part of the ribbon border) to the bottom of Section 4.  The top half isn't sewed to the bottom, though.

I'm really pleased with how this section came together.  It's all ready for the tulips and the book names.  I guess I can put off doing the applique any more.

I'm going to work on some test tulips.  I think I might piece them onto wash away foundation paper, but leave the edges unsewn so that I can then sew them to the quilt top.  I could use the Upside Down applique method.

July 16, 2011

Section 5 Completed, but No Applique

I'm in a big hurry to finish this quilt now because I have a non-Twilight project to work on as soon as possible....

I completed Section 5 tonight.  Pressing the rows was a challenge because I made some errors in my thinking.  Version 2, Version 3, and the instructions will have to adjusted for pressing .  It's really not that big of a deal as my Four Patches all came together well, corner to corner, but some of my seams had to be pressed in a way that didn't allow for them to nest/interlock like I like.

I do notice that the Breaking Dawn representation is Bella-heavy but, OH, WELL!

I will sew Sections 1, 2, and 3 together to complete the applique.  I don't think I have to sew Section 4 and 5 together to place the applique.

It's one BIG quilt....

July 13, 2011

Twilight Mystery Quilt: Section 4 and 1/2 of Section 5

I would have liked to finish both sections last night, but I ran out of sewing energy.  I'm almost done....

None of the sections haved been sewed together.  I'm going to have to make some changes to the pressing directions because I'm off in some rows and sections.  I guess I really have to start thinking about applique.

July 12, 2011

The K.M.A Twilight Quilt: Starting Soon

Now that I've got my feet wet with the Twilight Mystery Quilt, I can't wait to start another quilt!

The K.M.A. Twilight Quilt is it's name.  I still have a fire that burns within and this quilt will fan the flames.

I'll be announcing plans a little bit each day so stay tuned.

****Please note: I have to come clean about the KMA Twilight Quilt. It isn't my design. The design was shared with me while a member of TQC or as known now, Twi-Quilters. (Elizabeth Mills) If designs and ideas can routinely be borrowed from me and other people, then I don't feel bad at all in returning the favor.... I don't know if it's an exact replica as I was working from a diagram, but it's darn close.

Really Random and TOTALLY Off Topic But TOO Cool

The Dark Knight Rises, teaser poster

This poster is so cool!  I do admit to getting a little when I look at it too long....  Is it the angle or trying to focus on the buildings and the bat symbol?

A bit of quilty news... I worked on the last of the checkerboard blocks for Section 4 and Section 5 to finish them last night.  I'm hoping to finish the sections tonight!  Instructions after that and then on to applique.

July 10, 2011

Twilight Mystery Quilt: The Last Six

I got over myself today and reminded myself that this is just a quilt and that someone somewhere will appreciate it no matter what I do...as if I could sew it poorly...and that the pictures I'm including could be the wrong ones...according to someone..., but that someone somewhere will understand my choices.

I bit the bullet and decided not to wait for a better Breaking Dawn movie poster and found a fan made one.  Kristen Stewart as a Newborn Bella is very striking!  Bella at the wedding and Feathers are my other choices to represent Breaking Dawn.

I picked a Cullens' Eclipse still since I hadn't been able to represent them previously.  Riley and the Newborns rising from the water for the Eclipse poster.  Let Hitch rounds out the trio--I was pleased that it was included in Eclipse, the movie.

I'm going to try to sew some more tonight.  I need something to do while watching the replay of the amazing U.S. win against Brazil in World Cup soccer.

July 9, 2011

Section 4 and Section 5: Dilemma

Getting the instructions written for the next two sections will be easy compared to the other sections since I can cut and paste for most of it.  I haven't sewn them, but I could write instructions without doing so.  I'm going to see how I feel about sewing the next couple of days.

Section 4 and Section 5 (with Section 7 Ribbon Border)

Picking which pictures to use is difficult.  There aren't that many available for Breaking Dawn so maybe that will help?  I have to decide soon since I'm going to place one of them in Section 4.  I'm wondering if I should wait until after Comic Con...or after...to see if anything new pops up, including a better movie poster treatement?

I still haven't though much about the applique....  I know I will go the easy route:  fusible and raw edge finishing.  Upside Down Aplique may be the answer for some of it.

For now, I'm headed out.  My teenage daughter had her third molars out on Thursday.  She's going stir crazy so we're going out for ice cream and Bath and Body Works.

July 6, 2011

Flickr Group

A group to post pictures of anything made for Twilight.....

Flickr/Twilight Quilters Coven

I'll be uploading some pictures and maybe making one of those snazzy badges for the Sidebar.

If all goes well tonight, I will also work on Step 4/Section 3.

Twilight Mystery Quilt: Step 3/Section 2 Instructions

Step2: Section 3 link to PDF

**Patterns and information/key links for Twilight Hands/Book Cover block are located in the Sidebar

July 3, 2011

Section 3: Finished

Section 3 is finished.  I haven't sewed any of the completed sections together.  Things are going well.  I'm avoiding the applique, though.

I'm terribly behind in completing instructions.  Does anyone still need them before I waste my time?

I have a computer at home now.

I'm off to find Eclipse pictures.