July 29, 2011

Computer Quilting: Bella and Edward's Wedding Quilt

I've been itching to get back to finishing the Twilight Mystery Quilt, but I'm still tied up making the quilt for my daughter's boyfriend.  I have at least a week's worth of work to do on it and a deadline to keep so I have to keep sewing for it to the exclusion of sewing anything else.

I have a bit of time to kill at work so I might as well put it to good use doing some quilting on the computer.

I haven't given up making a wedding quilt in honor of Bella and Edward's marriage.  I had a pattern picked out a long time ago and even purchased one, but I never started the project.  I wasn't thrilled with the traditional methods required to piece it so that is probably the reason I didn't start it.  Maybe I've been inspired to get back to the project after viewing----no matter how crappy the platform---the Comic Con 2011 featured honeymoon clip from Breaking Dawn?!

I'm a paper piecer at heart above all else.  I got to thinking that there was no reason why I couldn't covert the Wedding Ring block into a totally paper pieced block.  The pattern I had been thinking of using had paper pieced ring only.  The thought of learning curved piecing, no matter how many assurances out there that it's easier than it looks, was enough to scare me away from the method.  I have many paper piecing design heros, including Linda Causee.  I used to have her book, 24 Quilting Blocks You Never Dreamed You Could Paper Piece, in my library.  I remembered that the book featured some blocks that had curves in them and I got to thinking.

I'm off to covert this block into a paper pieced block:

I think I can, I think I can.......

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