July 12, 2011

The K.M.A Twilight Quilt: Starting Soon

Now that I've got my feet wet with the Twilight Mystery Quilt, I can't wait to start another quilt!

The K.M.A. Twilight Quilt is it's name.  I still have a fire that burns within and this quilt will fan the flames.

I'll be announcing plans a little bit each day so stay tuned.

****Please note: I have to come clean about the KMA Twilight Quilt. It isn't my design. The design was shared with me while a member of TQC or as known now, Twi-Quilters. (Elizabeth Mills) If designs and ideas can routinely be borrowed from me and other people, then I don't feel bad at all in returning the favor.... I don't know if it's an exact replica as I was working from a diagram, but it's darn close.

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