July 21, 2011

Process: Tulips

I've been thinking and developing a strategy to make the four tulips that I had planned for the quilt.  My week has been busy and filled with drama so I haven't done much more than that.  I quilt when I'm happy.  I can quilt when I'm angry, but I find it hard to quilt when I'm sad.

My plan is to print the tulip to size on a foundation sheet, tearaway or wash away, in reverse and then build the tulip using a modified version of  the Upside Down Applique method.  I think I have fabric on hand, but I have to find it.  I want to use batiks because they don't fray as much and they're thinner.

I can honestly say that I'm at the point where I just want to finish this quilt.  It may be my last project here.  I'm being pulled in so many directions and I'm going crazy.  I may need to take a break and focus on just one thing for awhile:  working on my house.


  1. oh I sad to hear that.
    But Im greatful for all your hard work.
    I hope you will have a nice evening( its evening here)
    regards Emma


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