July 9, 2011

Section 4 and Section 5: Dilemma

Getting the instructions written for the next two sections will be easy compared to the other sections since I can cut and paste for most of it.  I haven't sewn them, but I could write instructions without doing so.  I'm going to see how I feel about sewing the next couple of days.

Section 4 and Section 5 (with Section 7 Ribbon Border)

Picking which pictures to use is difficult.  There aren't that many available for Breaking Dawn so maybe that will help?  I have to decide soon since I'm going to place one of them in Section 4.  I'm wondering if I should wait until after Comic Con...or after...to see if anything new pops up, including a better movie poster treatement?

I still haven't though much about the applique....  I know I will go the easy route:  fusible and raw edge finishing.  Upside Down Aplique may be the answer for some of it.

For now, I'm headed out.  My teenage daughter had her third molars out on Thursday.  She's going stir crazy so we're going out for ice cream and Bath and Body Works.

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