July 23, 2011

Tulip: Test

Above is my first tulip applique test.  I'm please with the result, but I will probably tweak the process a bit and maybe some of the fabrics. (I used batiks because the edges are not covered in thread for all the reds and they fray minimally.  The white fabric is a quilting cotton.  I got some shadowing of the red fabric underneath in some areas so I would consider doubling up the white fabric.)  I really got confused sewing the tulip the way I did.  I also think that achieving consistency will be difficult using the method I used and it will also be difficult to share for others to use.  I may abandon it for those reasons and try another method similar to the one I tried to use to make the Edward Cullen fabric portrait.

This is how I made the tulip:

I took the New Moon book cover (special edition white version) tulip image, cropped it with image editing software, reversed the image (because I will be sewing on the actual image with the fabrics on the unprinted side) and changed it to a greyscale image (mainly so I could get some definition and not lose the white parts of the tulip on the edges), printed it on paper so that the tulip was about 7" high keeping the aspect ratio, and then took a Sharpie to it to define the sections.

I made a copy of the original sectioned tulip and correctly scaled onto Dritz WashAway Foundation Paper .  The paper is supposed to dissolve in 10 seconds.  My plan is to sew the applique and then soak it so that the paper dissolves....I think.....or I could even just leave it attached after cutting most of it away so that it acts almost as a stabilizer?

One of the difficult parts was figuring which parts of the tulip should appear on top or the forefront of the tulip in fabric because those are sewed last.

The method is almost like paper piecing because I actually sewed on the lines.  After sewing a section, I took my curved scissors and cut as close to the sewed line as I could--like within 1/16" or closer.

I kept adding and sewing the sections to build the tulip.

When I was done, I cut the paper away following the edge of the tulip carefully with my scissors.

It was my plan to sew the tulip's edges down and embellish with a little bit of thread painting to a attach it to the quilt top in position.

It may be awhile before I get back to another test or just deciding to make x3 additional...or x4 new.  I've been begged to make a quilt for my daughter's boyfriend for college at the last minute so my attention will be consumed by that for a couple of weeks.

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