August 2, 2011

A Blast from My Past: The Host Signing

While I take a Twilight quilting break to finish another project, I still want to have an active blog.

Pardon me while I bore some with the blast from my Twilight/Stephenie Meyer past.......  This is a post from another blog I had way back when. 

The Host is More than a Distraction:  It's a Must Read!, May 20, 2008

East High School pictured. Caroline and I went to a special event here on May 19th. I had to keep telling her that it is an actual high school. It looks like no other high school that she's seen, but I think it's what high school buildings should look like. What a beautiful building!

I love summer. It's my favorite time of the year. It can't get too hot for me. This spring in Colorado has been strange weather-wise. It seemed like it's taken forever to get into the 80s and I can't remember having so many cold and wet days. It snowed in May for goodness sakes! It was really only flurries, but still.... I languish the whole winter with the cold weather and snow storms. I hate the cold! I would move to any state that has predominantly warm weather in a heart beat.

It's no small miracle, then, that I want to rush through summer and get to August. It's not because the kids go back to school in early August. It's not because I've got some awesome vacation planned, either.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer will be released on August 2!!!! As I can't jump in a time machine, I'll just have to get through June and July like everyone else. I plan on distracting myself as much as I can which will be no easy task condsidering that my every other waking moment is spent thinking about how Edward and Bella will end up.

Fortunately for me and all the other super-fans out there, Stephenie was thoughtful enough to write The Host. I was VERY pleased with the book. I cried while reading it which has become one of my requirements for a good read. I cried in parts of New Moon, too, so I guess I should have been prepared--at least the blank pages in The Host didn't throw me. I'm not going to review The Host. I'll be lame and just say it's a "must read".

I didn't even debate whether or not to buy The Host. The Twilight Saga has made me a Stephenie Meyer devotee. I was ecstatic to learn that one of the stops on her book tour was Denver. We ended up with tickets 97 and 100. The whole experience was just too neat for words and kind of surreal. I met some more Twilight Moms. (Hey-ya to Elizabeth, Heather, Laurie, and Anna...and others--sorry I can't remember your names). We had excellent seats for the presentation thanks to those that held us a spot in line and those that didn't complain when we cut. I didn't get any good pictures, but I'm hoping some of my new friends will get me some of theirs. Stephenie's presentation was wonderful. She seems so genuine! I am now the proud owner of a personalized copy of The Host and a signed copy of Twilight. I'm as giddy as a teenager!

Here are some pictures: C and me waiting outside East before the event and Stephenie at the the podium. (Thank you to Elizabeth for Stephenie's picture....)

It's experiences like this that will get me through until August 2. Until then, I plan on doing an assortment of activities to take my mind of the drag of time. I'll probably read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse a few more times, and work on my themed charm bracelet for starters. (I've got a diamond ring for Edward and Bella, a fortune cookie for Alice, a Confederate flag for Jasper, and a wolf's head for Jacob as of today. Gosh, I wish I could find charms locally!) I'll probably obsessively check all the fan sites I've been able to find and wait for each Twilight Tuesday.

Don't get me started about the Twilight movie. It doesn't come out until December 12, 2008! I've only seen the teaser trailer a couple of times.

Thank you Tattered Cover for bringing Stephenie Meyer to Denver. I will be forever in your debt!



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