August 12, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: A Teaser

A version of this block will definitely be included:

I made the block above for the Stephenie Meyer Quilt.  I'm so excited to make the block again for the Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt.  The block will be able to be made to size and I'll get to use non-cottons for the block, like satin for B's dress and trouser fabric, etc. for E.  (I want to find B's hair fabric in my stash.  It's wood fabric!)

If you'd like to make a block, too, you'll have to buy the pattern from Quilts with Style or draft one of your own.  The block is featured in two separate issues which I learned the hard way.  It's featured on the cover of Quilts with Style #45, but the actual Couple pattern is in Quilts with Style #46.


Is everyone rushing to get this magazine?!


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