August 17, 2011

A Few Books to Add to the Wish List

I have this bad habit of buying a bunch of books on a quilting technique before even trying to do it.  I'm always looking for the best way for ME to do something--the way in which I will understand and get the best results.  I've been looking for the best way to convert photographs into quilt blocks.  The technique has been addressed by many authors and those that teach.  I've purchased more than one book and even taken a class.  I even tried a couple of times with pitiful results, the Victoria Eclipse Quilt block, and my abandoned Edward Realistic Fabric Portrait Quilt University project.

I really want this book!  It looks like it may be the book that will help me get over the fabric portrait hump.

Point, Click, Quilt! by Susan Knapp  (Amazon sure to use the Look Inside feature)

I am also lusting after this book:

I may or may not have to buy the book...................

I really love Heahter Peterson's quilt style.  There isn't a quilt that I wouldn't be tempted to make!  Flickr

All this wishing is for another day, though.  I spent all there was to spend for a couple of weeks on the quilting of my daughter's boyfriend quilt.  I just couldn't bear to quilt it myself so I sent it out.  The good news is that it has been gifted and I get can back to other things!!

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