August 9, 2011

Sorry to Leave You Hanging

I had planned on being done with my other project, but it's been quite the quilting comedy of errors.  I have a couple of more days of work and that quilt will be done and off to the quilters!

The Twilight Mystery Quilt will be the focus until I get it done.  I'm sorry to leave it hanging with unfinished instructions for the last two sections and the applique not finished.  I hate being pulled in so many directions......  I'm also still working on paper piecing patterns for blocks.  First on my agenda, will be getting the Lion and Lamb block and Meadow block into EQ7 after I lost them with the computer crash so that I can test them.

I'm almost finished with the design for the Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt.  I'm still thinking of ways to get people involved.  Hah!  I'd love to be pleasantly surprised, though, so drop me a line if you are.

I've heard that the craptastic quilters at TQC are working, too.  I wonder what they will come up with?

Hot Topic is selling a Teaser T-Shirt:

The Wedding Quilt is still a design in progress.  I've been too busy at work to work on it.....hahahaha.

Some of the lines need to be edited so the points match up.

Still trying to figure out the colors--need to get my book out for the description of Bella and Edward's cottage bedroom that reminds of Isle Esme.

some test sectioning of the pattern

a quilt top

I'm still incredibly busy at home.  My kids all start back to school this week and next.  I'm hoping things settle down soon, but I think they'll probably just get crazier as the kids will probably have just as many activities.  We have a soccer tournament in two weeks to start with.

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