August 31, 2011

Twilight Mystery Quilt: Zephyr Font, Size 325

I'm trying to get as much done as I can so that I can take advantage of the long weekend and sew.....

I thought we weren't going to have soccer this weekend, but it turns out that we are going to try to attend a Metropolitan State College women's soccer game.  They are playing my daughter's coach's alma mater McPherson on Sunday.  I actually am looking forward to going.  Who knew that I'd turn into such a soccer freak?

I'm bound and determined to get the lettering done on the Twilight Mystery Quilt.  I'd like to commit to more, but I don't think I could take the disappointment of not meeting a goal.

I've decided that the Zephyr font Size 325 is going to be big enough for the lettering and will fill the space nicely.  I've decided on fusible applique.  I may or may not use a blanket stitch.  I'm leaning toward just sewing as close to the letters' edges as I can.

I purchased some nice new black batik fabric for the lettering today.

I've also been working on both Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt designs and patterns.  I've decided the heck with it so both patterns will be mainly in a paper pieced format.  I'm a paper piecer and anyone interested in the quilts will just have to come along for the ride......

I also purchased fabric for one of the quilts.  I decided to take the work out picking fabrics (my least favorite thing to do) and bought a Bali Pop.  I'm having a bit of Buyer's Remorse because I strayed from the design which is in all blues.  I had my eye on a set of fabric from Connecting Threads, but I didn't want to order online.

I also bought a few separate cuts.  The top fabric would act as the background fabric.

I hope it works!  Ugh.....  The collection looks awful greeny to me.  Their room at the cottage is supposed to bring to mind B and E's honeymoon on Isle Esme:  rainforest, beach, ocean.  Maybe I just need to get some more blues and work them in.

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