September 13, 2011

Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt Quilt-Along

Version 1
Wedding Ring block, 10" (paper pieced)
Ribbon Border block, 10" (paper pieced or traditionally pieced)

The quilt as pictured above features a built in border (Sally Schneider, Designing with Built-In Borders) of ribbon blocks.  An additional oustice border could certainly be added.  (I would like to try an appliqued border....maybe in another lifetime.)

Fabric needed:

Background Fabric (for all blocks and quilt), 1.5 to 2 yds (depends on how careful and frugal you are)

Wedding Ring blocks A and B, 2.5" strip fabric for each block--5 total (could be all different)

Ribbon Border blocks: 1/4yd lt to medium fabric and 1/6yd coordinating/contrasting dark fabric

Patterns:  (Be sure to print with "No Scaling" checked and see notes for Ribbon blocks)

Ribbon Block, make 4  ******add 1/4" seam allowance to all sides of sections when cutting out patterns for piecing

Ribbon Corner Block, make 4   ******add 1/4" seam allowance to all sides of sections when cutting out patterns for piecing

Setting Triangles, cut x2 17" squares.  Cut each of these squares on the diagonal twice:

Corner Triangles, cut x2 10" squares. Cut each of these squares once on the diagonal:
(***edited 10/8/11 to change to 10")


The seam allowances not included in ribbon blocks so they could print on a standard sheet of paper.  The blocks could also be traditionally pieced, but I'm not providing those instructions.

The setting triangles (marked with an S on the diagram below) are cut over-sized.  I used Sally Schneider's formula....basically, measure blocks of quilt on the diagonal and add 2".  The nice thing about cutting setting triangles using this method is that the bias edges will not be on the outside edge.

The corner triangles (marked with a C on the diagram below) are also cut over-sized.  Sally Schneider's formula calls the squares to be cut the same size as the blocks of the quilt and then cut once on the diagonal.  I like setting triangles to be over-sized and then squared up, but I think the formula is creates triangles that are too wasteful.  Essentially, a square's diagonal measurement is the square size x 1.4(14).  For this quilt, 8.25x1.414=11.67 which is oversized enough to be sewed to a 10.5" side of the corner ribbon block.

Piece all blocks, sew into rows as shown, and then add setting triangles and corner triangles.  Yes, the setting triangles will look mismatched until trimmed to fit after they are sewed to the blocks:

***sew a scant 1/4" seam (I moved my needle over one setting to achieve my scant seam allowance.)

Sew all the rows (that now have setting triangles and corner triangles attached) into the quilt top carefully as bias edges are still in play.

The quilt edges on all four sides will still have to be squared up to a 1/4" seam allowance beyond the points.

Want a bigger quilt?  Add more blocks.....

Version 2 coming soon.....

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