September 11, 2011

Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt Version 2: Test Complete

I took my 2.5" Bali Pop and separated out the strips I didn't like, a couple of rusty browns, and then cut them in half.  The Pop had a lot more strips than I thought so I decided for the size quilt I was making that I would only need half of each strip, if that.  I suplemented the Pop with a couple of fabric cuts that I had and wanted to use.  I separated the fabrics into like colored fabrics piles.  I had purchased a dark blue batik for something else, but decided to use it for the points of the Double Wedding Ring block.  (Some people don't care or think there is a difference in right side and wrong side of batiks, but I do so I put an x on each end of the right side of the strips.)

I drafted the paper piecing pattern in EQ7 by using a Double Wedding Ring pieced block as my template.

My pattern works!!!!  I pieced the block as a 6" block.  The seams don't nest, but they're easy to match up, pin, and sew.  I'm pleased with my results.

***remember the block looks weird at the tips because it still has the seam allowance (is unfinished)

with 6" blocks, 25.456 x 33.941"

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