September 26, 2011

Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt Quiltalong: Wedding Ring Blocks Finished

I can't say how many times I wanted to quit sewing today, but I pressed on.  I was bound and determined to finish the Wedding Ring quilt blocks.  I did finish them on Sunday.  It wasn't that I was having any difficulties pieceing the blocks.  They went together really well.  I was simply busy, as usual, with a lot of other activities.  I knew I had to get them done, though, because I doubt I'll get to sew at all this weekend.

I pieced half the blocks on Saturday.  Oops!  I meant to piece two light and one dark, but I pieced one section for all three blocks in dark fabric.  Darn it!  Oh, well!  I'm glad I made the mistake because I like the resulting effect....a lot.

I'd like to piece the setting Ribbon blocks this week, but I may have hit another snag.  Not with the pattern!  I added the extra blocks so I may not have enough background fabric now.  I'm going to figure that out tomorrow.

Quilting is always an adventure!


  1. I'ts very pretty! I hope you can get your fabric.

  2. Hope you find your fabric. It looks great so far.


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