September 10, 2011

Bella and Edward's Wedding Quilt: A Block

I'm a better quilter than a picture taker.....

10" block, paper pieced

Wedding Ring Block B (click link for pdf)

I decided to go with the smaller block.  The quilt as designed will be about 42x42" without an outside border.  I will probably add one since I have the fabric, but I am undecided on the size.  I don't need a bigger quilt for this project.  I making it more for the experience.  (Deep down, I think I'm being kind of silly and taking this Twilight thing too far.....I'm making quilts from my imagination and writing fan fiction to boot.)  I'm not saying I won't use the quilt as it fits the color scheme I want to redecorate my room in.

The block is actually the center block of the quilt even though it's the darker block.  It took me all day to piece, but I had quite a few interruptions.  I think I can piece the four remaining Wedding Ring blocks tomorrow, if I cut all my fabric out beforehand and chain piece.  The setting blocks will be a lot easier.

I'm still planning on writing up the instructions for public use.  The goal is to have them ready on 9/13.

Has everyone seen the preview of the trailer?  I'm laughing about that.  Only in fandoms like ours do we get a preview of a trailer.  I'm tickled to have seen it, though.  Bella looks hideous pregnant.  Yay!  She looks like I envisioned her from the description in Breaking Dawn.

On a personal note, the cold is hanging on to me.  I've developed a cough today.  ugh.....  We've put off our anniversary dinner until I feel better.

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  1. no i haven't seen it yet. Must youtube later ;)
    Is it Bali-fabric you are using?


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