September 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: Direction and Purpose

We all need direction and purpose in our lives.  I generally have Purpose, but I often lose my Direction.

Does two movies mean two quilts?  hmmmmm.....  I don't think so.

Breaking Dawn is a long book with distinct parts and a host of characters.  I'm a bit frightened, but excited by the thought of properly representing all its goodness in a quilt.  I'm always up for a challenge!

For instance, I've been doing some surfing to get some ideas on how to represent the Egyptian Coven.  I don't want to do just a pyramid.

Did you know that the Log Cabin block has been traced back to ancient Egypt?  (link and link)

The origin of the Log Cabin quilting pattern is an ongoing source of intrigue for quilters, since examples of its usage in other forms pre-date American history, with the design now traced back to ancient Egypt. In the early 1800s, when British and French expeditions opened Egyptian tombs, the Log Cabin pattern was found on animal mummies, with the exact usage of dark and light rectangular strips seen in quilts of the 19th century. (
There are Egyptian novelty fabrics available (I think I even have some in my stash) and fabrics that evoke a feeling of Egypt....

I particularly like this fabric:

Four Twin Sisters is a good pattern resource site....  King Tut

How about this pattern! (link) I had to go searching, but I remembered seeing the blurb about it.  Turns out I have the site saved at home.  Heleen Pinkster is so talented!

I haven't even started looking at pictures.  Wouldn't a block featuring Hieroglypichs be fun?!

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