September 26, 2011

The Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: Music to My Ears

Bruno Mars It Will Rain Download NOW on Itunes!!!!

News is all over the 'Net about the Breaking Dawn Part I Soundtrack....  I can't wait until some industrious person gets a sample of all the artists' work together in a playlist somewhere.  I certainly don't have the time.  The release of the track list brings the movie release all that much closer.  50 some odd days is all that we have!  I wish the soundtrack was out now...I need some new tunes.

*****Edited:  I knew if I waited for a bit someone would start putting together examples of the artists' other songs...  Thank you!

For instance:

Angus and Julia Stone

Sleeping at Last

The Features

Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts was far from a favorite of mine......  It was a channel changer song.)

Theophilus London

The Belle Brigade


Now that I have blocks pictures to work with, I can really get busy in making the Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt my way.  It will be my way of paying tribute to such a wonderful group of quilters.  That is, if I can tear myself away from making wedding quilts.  I've not been surprised by the work and workmanship I've seen.  One would think that it would have improved over two years, but I guess you have to at first admit to there being a need to improve?  At least I'm not seeing any holes and blocks don't look as wonky.  I did see a "I ran out of time" so I had to use cheater fabric and I satin stitched (because that's all I know how to do and not even that well.)  Some things never change.

Yeah, like me being bitter.

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