September 2, 2011

Esme's Plan (Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt Quiltalong Companion Story/Fan Fiction)

Esme had a plan.

She couldn't bear the thought of Bella and Edward moving too far away from the family after they were married.  She knew, though, that a newly married couple needed their privacy and independence.  She had devised the perfect solution.

A cottage stood on the Cullen property.  It needed some serious work and there was such a short amount of time to finish, but with a family of vampires to help with the remodel, she wasn't worried at all.  They could do most of the work themselves and remodeling homes was her specialty.  

The cottage would make the perfect gift.  She didn't think anyone would hold it against her that her motives were a little selfish.  When Edward's feelings for Bella had deepened, she had told him to do whatever necessary to stay in Forks with the family.  Esme thoroughly support Bella and Edward's union.  She supported Bella's decision to become a vampire.  Esme felt the best thing for Edward and Bella to do would be to stay close to the family at least for Bella's first years.

The cottage would be perfect for a young married couple and newborn Bella.

Starting the work couldn't be delayed!  Esme planned on meeting with the family to finalize plans.


Alice popped her head through the cottage door.

"How can I help?" Alice asked.

Of course, Alice already knew the plan.......

(Written by Shannon LaCount)

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