September 24, 2011

sme's Plan (Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt Quiltalong Companion Story/Fan Fiction) Part II

Part I (click on the link to be taken to Part I)

"Rosalie?  It's Bella.  May I come in?" Bellas's knock on Rosalie's door accompanied her tenative request.

As if I didn't know it was you, Bella, Rosalie thought to herself.  I can smell you a mile away.  Rosalie sighed.  She was making an effort to not act as cold towards Bella and more sisterly, but at times it took a supreme effort.  Rosalie knew that Bella still felt that Rosalie hated her and would never welcome her prescence in the family even after their talk months ago.  No, Rosalie didn't hate Bella.  Rosalie's feelings for Bella were far more complicated than that.  She didn't particularly like Bella for a whole host of reasons, including her feeling that Bella seemed to be a magnet for danger and that Bella was making the wrong choice to become a vampire.  Rosalie knew, though, that she needed to manage her feelings better so that Bella didn't pick up on them and, really, just let the feelings go entirely. 

Rosalie placed her copy of the cottage plans and work list into her desk drawer before calling out, "Come in, Bella."

Bella entered the room but didn't move beyond one step into the room.  She didn't seem to want to make eye contact with Rosalie because her eyes darted around the room, landing longer on the ladder rack of quilts that Rosalie had displayed, before moving on to come full cirle to rest on Rosalie.  Bella held a garment bag in her arms.  She shifted from foot to foot a couple of times.  She seemed like she wanted to say something, but was having difficulty deciding on how to start up the conversation.  Bella bit her lip, but not hard enough to draw blood...thankfully.

Rosalie nodded at the garment bag.  "Is that for me?"

"Oh, yes.  Sorry!  Alice asked me to bring it to you.  It's your dress.  She's done with the alterations.  She asked me to bring it to you."  Bella rushed.

Rosalie suspected that Alice's request was one more attempt to push Bella and Rosalie together in her grand scheme for family harmony and sisterly affection.  Rosalie decided to take advantage of Alice's machinations and run with them.  Besides, if she didn't do a better job of appearing to like Bella more, Edward would want to have another one of their little talks.

Rosalie smiled.  "Thank you!"

Bella started.  She seemed surpised at Rosalie's smile and expression of gratitude.  Rosalie had a lot of work to do.  The first step would be to put Bella more at ease.

"You've never been in my room before, have you?" Rosalie asked.  Rosalie took the garment bag from Bella and put it over the arm of the chair.


Rosalie waited for Bella to say more, but when she didn't, she pushed forward.

"I saw you noticed the quilts."

"Yes!  Did you make them?" Bella asked.

"A couple of them," Rosalie answered.  "One of them is mine from when I was a human and another is my mother and father's wedding quilt.  I rescued them from an estate sale."

"Really?" Bella said in awe.  "How ever did you find them?"

"I kept tabs on my family through the years.  I heard of the estate sale and managed to purchase a few family heirlooms, including the quilts."

"Oh, Rosalie....." Bella said with emotion.

Rosalie could see that Bella understood.  Rosalie was getting a little emotional herself.  She usually didn't like to visit or dwell on her past.  She gritted her teeth and put on another smile.

"I have a quilt that my grandmother made for me.  It's not in very good shape.  I'm almost afraid to use it anymore.  I think some of the seams are coming apart." Bella said.

"I could take a look at it.  I'm sure it can be saved."

"Thank you!  The quilt is really special to me and I'd like to keep it even after......"  Bella cleared her throat.  She knew that Rosalie disapproved of her decision and seeemed to remember that at that moment, letting any reference to her future change fade from their conversation.

"I didn't even know you quilted.  I know you like cars and are an awesome mechanic.  I guess there are a lot of things I don't know about you...."  Once again, Bella seemed to be uncomfortable with where the conversation was headed.

"I'd like to get to know you better, too."  Rosalie offered.

"I'd like that....  Well, I'd better get going.  Alice had a long list of things she wanted to go over with me about the wedding."

"How's that going for you?" Rosalie asked.

"Nerve-wracking.  I'm determined to get through everything the best I can, knowing that at the end of it all, I'll get to be with Edward....forever."

"Yes.  That is probably the best way to think about things.  You're in good hands with Alice and Esme in charge."

"I know!  I'm so glad they're doing everything.  Thanks!  I'll see you around?"

"Absolutely," replied Rosalie.

Bella turned and left, closing the door behind her.

Rosalie smiled.  She walked over to the chair and opened the garment bag.  The dress was beautiful.  Alice had outdone her self.

Rosalie looked over at her quilts and then walked over to the rack.  She pulled off the wedding quilt and unfolded it.  Memories of her mother and father raced through her head.  Rosalie knew what she needed to do.

She would make Bella and Edward their own wedding quilt.

(Written by Shannon LaCount)

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