September 21, 2011

Future Projects...If I can find the TIME!

I blog hop a lot to fill the time at work.....  I come across so many projects that I want to try or to covert to a Twilight project.  Many blogs are featuring little projects and gifts for Christmas.  I'd end up making most things for myself.

I've made coffee cozies before and I have a great little pattern that I got free years ago, but I came across this one today:

Coffee Cozy Tutorial by Jeni Baker (as featured on Skip to My Lou)

I have a need to test out my applique method again that I'm going to use for the Twilight (Mystery) Quilt and I hate to make things even as a test that I won't be able to put to use.  I'm thinking that I could make a Twilight adorned coffee cozy.  I could even get crazy and add some rhinestones.

I want to make a Twilight quilt that I would actually use to cuddle up with and not as a show piece.  I have a couple of Twilight T-shirts that I might want to use to make a quilt.  I can't remember the book right now to properly link, but I have a book that shows how to make a quilt using some non-traditional layouts.  I also thought it might be fun to make a Twilight Scrabble quilt like this one.  Then, there was that idea (not mine) to use the Free Cross Stitch Pattern Maker to make a mosaic type of quilt like this one.

I've also always wanted an apple pin cushion for my sewing table.  There are online tutorials available, but I can't understand any of them.  I am on a mission to make my own!

Have a great day!

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