September 27, 2011

Silver Linings Originals: Treasures of the Rain Forest Quilt BOM

Silver Linings Originals:  The Best Paper Piecing Patterns on the Planet!

Linda's patterns are pretty amazing!  I can only hope to design as well in the years to come.....

I don't think I'm going to be able to resist making the Silver Linings Originals Treasures of the Rain Forest Quilt....soon!  I got my newsletter email today and the block this month is a sloth.  A month's pattern is free in the newsletter with the previous month's pattern.  If you miss out, the patterns are available for purchase.  Last month's block was the Howler monkey.

The pattern I'm really lusting after, though, is the black panther!  The jaguar is pretty amazing, too!

I can't recommend Silver Linings Originals enough....  The piecing is difficult, but the results are well worth all the work.  I've used more than one pattern for Twilight quilts.  I made the lion for the Stephenie Meyer Lion and Lamb block (with an appliqued lamb) and the grizzly bear for Rosalie and Emmett's block.  I also used part of the Grey Wolf pattern for the Howling Wolf Eclipse quilt block.  I modified the Walk in the Woods pattern for the Walk in the Woods block for the New Moon Quilt.  Iris Fox used the pattern also for the Walk in the Woods block in the replacement New Moon Charity Quilt after they ousted me.

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