September 20, 2011

The Wedding Ring Block: A Few More Tips

I'm trying to take pleasure in completing these four blocks. I've had a difficult day.  I've been soul searching a bit, too.  I'm trying not to be such a H8R--mostly of myself.

I will make three more blocks to make the larger version of the quilt.  I'll need one more dark fabric block for the center section and two more lighter fabric blocks for the side.  The two lighter blocks are different than the A blocks.

Wedding Ring Quilt Block C (link to pdf)--untested

Too funny... I got an email from Clotilde titled: Quilt beautiful blocks easily with paper piecing!  That is my goal!!

I have a few more tips that I thought to share.

I always take my paper off my blocks before I piece my sections together.  Some tutorials and people recommend leaving the paper on until a block is completely pieced.  I've never had good luck with this method.  I think the paper gets in the way, can actually be a hindrance, and isn't necessary to successfully piece a block.

I use Elmer's Washable Glue from the stick to temporarily stick my #1 fabric piece to the pattern, although any basting/washable glue will work.  I only need to make a quick swipe on the paper.  I found using the glue a must when I cut out the two setting triangles that aren't pieced using the paper patterns.

I love the way the corners of the triangle/setting triangles pattern print.

The corners match up nicely with the edges of the block and provide a no-fail technique to getting the triangles to finish correctly.  The other thing that I did to get these blocks to finish correctly and without fuss was to make a center match point.  I folded the pieced block in half right sides together creating creases on the side to be pieced with the triangle.  I folded the triangles wrong sides together, carefully so as not to stretch the bias edges, to create a crease.  I nested these creases together as a match point and pinned it first.  Then, I matched up the corners and pinned.  I pinned the rest of the edges in between.

I'm a pinner.  I'm not shy about using pins to secure my sections together while sewing.  I'm totally amazed by people who don't use pins, but also ask myself if they're really successful not pinning?  I think it's important to at least pin match points and/or beginning and ending points.  (The second picture also shows how those corners match up so nicely with the block edges.)


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