September 8, 2011

The Weekend that Wasn't

I always have the best intentions, but so often my plans go awry.  We all love holidays, but the week of work after is usually hellish.  I didn't accomplish hardly anything on the quilt front last weekend.  This week of work has been stressful, orders going astray and crabby coworkers, so I've not felt like trying to get caught up from the weekend that wasn't.

I can't say that the weekend was a total bust as I spent it with my family.  I cooked a lot--cherry pie, carrot cake, deviled eggs, pork ribs.....  We went to a college soccer game, too.  We played Dominoes with the kids and went to the park.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

I did more computer work for the quilts than anything.  I've discussed before in other entries how I have these grand visions in my head of the way I want things to be.  I have a very hard time making it happen.  For instance, I knew that I wanted to do fusible raw-edge applique for all the applique on the Twilight (Mystery) Quilt, but I had to do a ton of research on the best way for ME to do it, especially since I didn't want use a blanket stitch.  (By the way, a HUGE thank you to alittlebitcrafty for suggesting a simple zig zag stitch instead!)  I also knew that I didn't want to have to reverse the letters, especially, for the book cover appliques, so I wanted to see if it was feasible to print the letters onto freezer paper to be ironed temporarily onto the fabric and simply cut them out.  I also wanted to experiment with a different method of fusing the letters down to find something other than Steam a Seam Lite.

I also wanted to work on the final EQ7 designs for the Bellas and Edward Wedding Quilt Quiltalong that I hope to release on Bella's birthday, September 13th.

I feel so challenged sometimes and I have to think a long time about things first.  Technology doesn't always cooperate, either.  For instance, I spent more time than I wanted to yesterday trying to figure out my multi-purpose printer.  I thought I was going crazy.....  In the past, I had been able to scan and save as a PDF.  I guess when we got the new computer, the printer was just plugged in.  My husband finally told me last night that I would have to download the scanning navigator software in order to have this function again.  Quilting is quite the adventure sometimes.

To make a long story short, this is where I'm at with everything.....

I've decided to use most of the elements for Sharon Schamber's raw edge applique, including using Liquid Stitch in place of fusible.  I tested the method on a t and a g and liked the results.  You do have to starch the heck out of your fabric to help with fraying--I'm going to try getting the starch for dark fabrics that I saw at the store to see if it works better on my black fabric instead of the Heavy Starch.  I also am going to look for some glue applicator tips locally.  If I can't find any, I will try her Bic mechanical pencil solution.  I used a zig zag stitch instead of a blanket stitch.  I used black silk thread.  I printed the letters, not reversed, onto freezer paper, ironed on the right side of my fabric, and cut them out.  I applied the Liquid Stitch, a bit messy without a smaller tip to control the flow, heat set with my iron, and then stitched.  I used a thin piece of batting as a stabilizer--I always use a stabilizer.

I used the previously downloaded Zephyr font that I placed in Word to make the applique templates for the book cover names on the Twilight Quilt.  I'm sure there was a totally better/simpler way to do it, but I ended up using the font at a size 170, including Breaking Dawn, because the font was the right height for the letters to be to fit in the area on the quilt.  I fiddled around with the documents and then ended up copying and then pasting the letters into a photo editing software.  I was able to print the titles in the length I wanted to make the letters a bit fatter than the original font was, but leaving the height the same.  I will convert all this into a pdf after I'm totally sure that it's right and make the files available like I have for the other sections of the Twilight (Mystery) Quilt.

I printed the patterns out to check the sizing and the spacing.  I will probably sew the letters closer together.  There will be a space between breaking and dawn.  There, of course, will be no white background--the black letters will be sewed to the red fabric.  I am worried about how new moon looks--the letters are the same size as in the other titles, but it looks different because there are no letters that extend above or below any of them.

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  1. Wow! It's going to be great Shannon! I watched the video using the Liquid Stitch. Very interesting technique which I will have to try tomorrow.


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