October 9, 2011

Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt: A Pieced Top

I've wanted to check in all weekend and update the quilt's progress, but I kept my nose to the grindstone instead.  I was able to work for a couple of hours yesterday because soccer games were postponed due to the weather.  (Cold weather has finally arrived in Colorado....with rain.  ugh!)  I wasted a bit of my time sewing one of the rows incorrectly....  I never learn.  I finished sewing the top today.

I'm trying to decide how much to square the top up.  I have about an inch of seam allowance to work worth.  I do want the blocks to float in the setting triangles so I will probably trim to 1/2" beyond the block points.

The top pieced together without too many issues beyond the one I mentioned above because I didn't double check myself.  I did end up increasing the squares I used for the four corners to 10" and then cutting them on the diagonal.  I sewed them on last.  I used a scant 1/4" to sew the blocks into rows and the rows into the top so I think that helped gain the scant extra I needed to have the quilt measure 42.5 x 56.5 (without seam allowance).

I'm dying to piece some blocks for the backing, but I'm also dying to finish the quilt and send it to the quilter.  I've never used blocks in a backing before and I'm not sure how my quilter would like or not like me if I did.  I'd have to draft them and my confidence is at a low point at the present time even though I know I need to do some for a future project anyway and should just do them now.


  1. Beautiful quilt Shannon! I need to get back to mine. Hopefullly on the vaca.


  2. Thank you!

    I'm pleased with the way it came out, especially since it evolved a bit from the original plan. The "sand" fabric looks good.

    Thanks for playing along, too.

  3. the sandy beaches are super - i love this one, Shannon!


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