October 30, 2011

Bella with Child: Step 2

The block should be piecable, but I still need to test it....

I changed Bella's shirt to grey because she is wearing a grey sweatshirt in Breaking Dawn when Jacob comes to see her on his suicide mission.

Is it wrong for me to be seriously pleased with myself about this design?  It's gotten me into trouble before!  I am happy, though!

Does anyone care to know my process?  I took a printed image of the block I designed yesterday and took a pen and ruler to it in order to clean it up.  I imagined myself sewing it to make sure the sections were right to be able to actually sew it.  I did have to change some of them, but I don't think doing so altered the block in any significant way.  I didn't like the hair on the left side so I changed that a bit, can you tell?  Yes, Bella is missing an arm....assume it's positioned behind her below the shoulder...or hidden by her big belly--a bit of creative license.

I was inspired by this clipart image:

If the block works, I'll make it available.

**edited 7:30 pm mst

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