October 31, 2011

Bella with Child: Test Block

I did it!

Bella with Child, by Shannon LaCount, as pictured without seam allowance
(Designed in EQ7, paper pieced)

I think it's only fair that I review my own pattern....

I used these fabrics:

The brown for the hair worked well.  The skin tone fabric works.  I like that the purple fabric coordinates with the grey for the sweatshirt.  I should have used a darker grey, though.  There isn't enough contrast--the fabrics in the picture are actually darker than the block finished.  The hand gets lost a bit, too, and would stand out more with a darker gray fabric for the sweatshirt.

The block pieced with only one issue.  There is one area that I would need to fix before making it available.  I fixed it while sewing, but some people might not be able to do it.  Noted by the "HERE".  It's too hard to explain....  I printed my pattern as one whole block and not into separate units.  I cut the sections apart.  The lower sections with the hand and belly weren't a lot of fun because they're small, especially in a 6" block.  I only had to resew one section that I didn't match up well.  Using the Hera Marker to mark a 1/4" line and matching that line up with the edge of the corresponding section works like a charm!

The finished block was a smidge off--about 1/8".  Typically, I experienced some shrinkage in piecing.  I meant to cut the block 1/4" bigger on all outside edges, but I forgot that plan on one of the sections so I had to revert back the printed 1/4" seam that was included.

Now that I know that the pattern works, I will probably remake the block.

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  1. i like the little flip on her hair - pretty doggone cool, Shannon!

  2. I'm really impressed with your work. I'm not sure that I'd have the patience to work with so many tiny pieces. Well done!

  3. That's an amazing block - when I clicked on the image I was sure it would be applique. But paper piecing? Wow!!

  4. Great block Shannon. I too am blown away with your EQ skills! It is an incredible paper pieced block.

  5. That's awesome! I cannot WAIT for November 18th!! :)

  6. Wonderful job! These aren't that easy to design--I'm impressed!


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