October 3, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: A Midnight Swim?

I've never taken a midnight swim....  I would imagine it would be very nice.  The one in Breaking Dawn was written in a way that had me craving one.  It rivaled all the other romantic scenes I have read through in the hundreds of romance novels I've read in my lifetime.

How would one create a quilt block to capture such a moment?!  In the past, I've used silhouettes for people in Twilight quilt blocks because, lets face it, people are hard to create with any detail at all in a 6" square.  One still has to be careful with silhouettes because they can turn into a blob-like mess.  Even a round moon can end up not being round if one isn't careful.

 Fight Training/"Instruction" (Eclipse Quilt)

Bella Escapes with Jacob (Eclipse Quilt), pattern Sporting to the Rally/Quilts and Stitches

I've seen some pretty titillating fan art that has successfully captured the moment that has got me thinking again about how I would do it...

alicexz (and at deviantArt)

as edited for a fabric portrait:

Be careful what you search for, though.....  LOL

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