October 12, 2011

Breaking Dawn Is.......

I was looking through some books last night to pass the time and to look for inspiration.  They did the trick!

I'm not a quilting ruler breaker because usually I'm afraid to be or I don't have the time or patience to try new things.  I desperately want to make the Bella and Edward Wedding Quilt to have two sides.  I usually piece my quilt backs because I don't usually buy wide width fabric specially made for quilt backs.  (link)  I went looking for my 24 Tropical Quilt Blocks (Linda Causee) book (link) because I'm still toying with the idea of piecing the quilt back with actual blocks.  I really, really want to recreate Isle Esme.  Am I crazy?  Probably....  In my perfect world, I would also draft all my own blocks.  (Selfishly, it would be to prove a point as well as to say, see what I can do?!  There's enough going on with that in other projects, though.)  Regretfully, I don't have the time to draft a ton of patterns since it takes me for-ev-er so I have to rely on available patterns so I would rely on Linda's book or even hit up Silver Linings for more.

What I should do is just piece a plain back and send it to the quilter already!  I'm hating on myself right now.  My only recourse would be to distract myself with another project.

On that note:

I have two quilts that are calling my name.  I've thought about one before and even bought something for it, but I never started it.  Typically, both quilts are inspired by other designs.

I've always wanted to make a Beyond the Block quilt. (link)  In fact, the New Moon Charity Quilt was to have a bit of improvisation in the design.  One of the complaints about the Stephenie Meyer Quilt was that Elizabeth's modified design of my Medallion Layout required that the focus blocks be 5" which is an odd measurement and, well, small....  I suggested at one point that the focus blocks for the New Moon Quilt that members would make individually could be any finished size up to 12" as long as they were divisible by 2...2", 4", 6", 8", 12".  The idea was poo pooed.  (I honestly think it was because some members were too dumb to grasp the concept.)  I bought a Twilight T-shirt on Ebay last year with a Beyond the Block quilt in mind.

I'm also leaning towards making a Breaking Dawn Is..... quilt.  I shameless point to being inspired by one of my favorite designers, Nancy Halvorsen, and this quilt.  (link)  If you can imagine, I would have a Breaking Dawn Is.... block in the center of the quilt (in Zephyr font, of course).  Other quilt blocks would surround that block:

Love's Celebration (Wedding Dance block)
Passion's Embrace (Feathers)
A Mother's Love (Bella and Renesmee)
A Chaning Heart
Family (Cullens, etc.)
Running with the Pack (Wolves!)
Adventure (Searching the world for witnesses)
***** (Volturi)
Strategy (Breaking Dawn book cover)

All of the block ideas are just a starting point.  I need more ideas so feel free to share.

Off to EQ!

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  1. Beyond the Block...now this book I actually have already but never started anything...interesting. Can't wait to see something using that technique!



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